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Blend Photos - Instagram Layers Blender & Filter Editor | PHOTO-appsios

Blend photos together with ~20 layer filters! Designed for iOS 7!

Share to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & Open in other image editing apps.

Blend Mode Filters:

Addition, Color Blend, Color Burn, Color Dodge, Darken, Difference, Exclusion, Hard Light, Hue, Lighten, Luminosity, Maximum, Minimum, Multiply Blend, Multiply Compositing, Overlay, Saturation, Screen, Soft Light

Tap the photo thumbnail buttons to insert foreground and background images.

The green outline indicates which image is currently being selected and adjusted.

For best results choose 2 images of same size or choose Photo & Crop feature to pick a better size.

Tap + / - or Slide to adjust foreground and background image visibility.

Swap photos to change the blend style.

Send blended image directly to the Image Filter Companion App to add more filters!

Save to Photo Library.

Send full size image via Email.

Copy image to paste into other apps.

Crop for Instagram Square Photos.

Post to the #BlendPhotos Hashtag to see other's photo creations on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.

Take a Full Sized or Cropped Photo from your Front or Back Camera & Photo Library.

Fully Accessible with VoiceOver.
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Author photoappsios
Published 2015-09-01
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