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0    Upload photos and create new albums on your Piwigo photo gallery. Piwigo empowers you to create your own photo gallery on the web. Piwigo includes many powerful features such as albums, tags, geolocation, many levels of customization, upload by visitors, privacy, calendar or statistics. ...    2 MB    Views 5196


0    Search anything on Instagram with Anygram Enhance your Instagram with search Browse your favourite topics on Instagram Like photos with doubletap View likes, comments and image details Share your favourite photos    2 MB    Views 1885

Tandem Album

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-1    Tandem makes your photo albums better by getting everyone's perspective on the events you photographed. · Did you take some pictures of the concert but want to see it from another angle? · Were you at a party and want to see ...    4 MB    Views 1158

Pixer Photo Memo

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+3    Don't waste time scrolling through your photo stream to find that one pic with Pixer, your photo is just a quick search away. Snap a photo, add a short title and hit save it's that simple. Anytime you ...    194 kb    Views 2951

Photo Albums HD

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-1    Spectacular and gorgeous app to organize, edit and share your photos. Photo Albums HD gives your photo library the WOW factor. Key features include: Import photos. Notate and tag your photos. Email and share. Edit and organizing tools make your photos even more beautiful and easy ...    5 MB    Views 6765
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+2    Albums organizes your camera roll with the tap of a button, based on the dates and locations of when and where your media was captured. Organizing media into albums makes it easier than ever to find photos from memorable dates ...    6 MB    Views 4829

Picasa Cascade

+14    View a cascade of your Picasa photos Save photos to your iPad Album Turn the iPad into an animated photo frame. Enter your Picasa Albums ID (Gmail address) and login to access your public or private albums. You can also ...    2 MB    Views 3161

Space Saver

+13    Space Saver, as the name suggests, is an application especially designed to save space on your iOS device. The space saving is achieved by optimizing your photo albums, reducing the size of images while maintaining its quality, for the correct screen ...    2 MB    Views 6912
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0    Don't you know what it is? Take a picture ... Do you want to know what it is? Take a photo ... With this app you can find EVERYTHING you want only through a photo: car model, wine labels, information about ...    11 MB    Views 9075


+8    WhatsArt is an image search utility that enables you to take a photo or a saved image of art to investigate the artist, title of the piece and value. WhatsArt can search paintings, drawings, graffiti and photographs to find exact ...    2 MB    Views 9948

V&A Collections

-5    This app lets you search over a million records in the V&A Museum's collections using keywords, material, names and places. You can also use your phone's geolocation capabilities to find objects that relate to a location near you. Search the Collections ...    875 kb    Views 2741
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+3    Become a Beanstalker Beanstalk connects you to publicly accessible media from all across the Internet, including audio, video, digital photos, live cameras and video streams, digitized books and graphic animations. Sources are podcast feeds, media blogs, media galleries, video and ...    2 MB    Views 377


photos photo search amazing
+3    PicManager is a powerful search engine for pictures combined with a stunning photo editor for a quick and easy way to edit your photos on the go with no fuss. Here are some of the amazing features: Apply Endless Effects ...    16 MB    Views 7023

Flutter for iPhone

Related Apps search photos world area
-3    Share anonymous photos of what is happening around you with the whole world Vote on local photos that define your area while getting a chance to scour the globe and see what everyone else is up to. Be the curator ...    6 MB    Views 6442
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-6    This app provides users with incredible ability to organize their facebook photo. You can download multiple pictures from facebook, upload multiple pictures to facebook, browse your facebook albums, browse your friend's facebook album, email multiple facebook photo directly from facebook, ...    12 MB    Views 509
search image pick pic
0    Pick Pic is an image search app image or photograph can fine. Because search from various search engine, Photos and pictures of your goal you will find surely. You can of course also be downloaded. Overwhelming amount of search Social search (Tumblr and ...    10 MB    Views 7326


photo picture albums viewer save
+3    Photolikr viewer for Photolikr albums. Quickly sort, select, and save your favorites photo to your iPhone and iPad. swipe up and down to rate a picture, it will add a thumbs up and down Easily save in local the picture you like. Contains ...    5 MB    Views 5766

Hype Crop Image

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+1    2,99 > 0.99 saleoff 30% Many Unique features that no cropping app in market provides + Rotate the photo by 90° either clockwise or anticoockwise and then crop the photo. + Easy to use and intuitive UI. + IMPORT photo from albums inside photo ...    2 MB    Views 8027
+4    Now Download Photos Album on your mobile is one tap away It allows you to download your Facebook photos quickly. Download your's or any of your friend's Facebook photo album and save them into your photo library to be viewed offline and ...    8 MB    Views 7771

myPhoto Collection

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-4    Easiest app to manage your Photo Albums Features: + Extremely simple and powerful navigation + 3 different themes to select from + Crate and Organize albums along with name and date + Organize the photos into albums + Allows user o save photos directly ...    21 MB    Views 1784


photos facebook device drop drag albums
0    Photovee is a new way to see your Facebook photos. Photovee offers you the benefit of browsing photos by user or by album using a familiar drag and drop interaction. You’ll be surprised on how fast and easy you can ...    2 MB    Views 7017
search photos images smart image
+4    The smart way to search for online images. A simple, easy, yet powerful tool. Loads 100 images at a time. Click any image to enlarge. Save images to your photos. Search by news, faces, photos, clip art, or drawings ...    1 MB    Views 5811
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+13    Keep your private photos secret using Private Pics app. FEATURES: Universal app, support iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Passcode to lock your photos and keep them secret Support unlimited albums in full version Email photos Create Albums and Edit them    11 MB    Views 2565


photos family photo social search share friends albums download create
+11    No more: "Send me this photo later?". Keepr is the ideal application to store, share and cocreate albums. Create photo albums to share with your family, groups of friends or even for concerts and events. Everyone can contribute with photos ...    32 MB    Views 6609


+1    This app allows you to search Google Images. Simply take a snap and send it out to search. Search by image works best when the image is likely to show up in other places on the web. So you’ll get ...    3 MB    Views 2505
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+14    Don't you know what it is? Take a picture ... Do you want to know what it is? Take a photo ... With this app you can find EVERYTHING you want only through a photo: car model, wine labels, information about ...    7 MB    Views 9402

Photo Album

photo photos iphone create albums album
+9    Photo Album by SavySoda Do you find the standard camera roll on the iPhone too limiting for your needs? Do you want to create photo albums rather than keep hundreds of photos in the same folder? This handy little app allows you to: ...    3 MB    Views 6438


-8    The jAlbum iPhone app lets you create and share stunning web photo albums from wherever you are. Create stunning web photo albums for your Premium or Power storage straight from your iPhone Upload photos to existing photo albums that have ...    19 MB    Views 3196
content exchange groups follow albums share
+6    It’s never been easier to share or follow the content you care about. Patter helps you exchange and discover photos in collaborative albums. Create private groups (inviteonly) or add to the collective perspective by starting a public Patter album. How to ...    13 MB    Views 2886
photos pinterest search library camera photo web flickr private albums images secret easy services safe import lite
-5    Private Photos+ Free No more worry about the unexpected photos on your Camera Roll, or Photos Stream. Private Photos Lite keeps your photos from Camera, Photo Library, and popular photos service such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, ...    16 MB    Views 2983


photos albums buttons moment
0    Imagine that your pictures were sorted the moment that you took them Are you tired of a camera roll that contains all of your photos in one big mess? Then, FolderCam will help you sort your photos the moment that you ...    325 kb    Views 1355


photos photo albums simple area miniature
0    NOW THE MINIATURIZER HAS FASTER ALGORITHM IT KEEPS YOUR PHOTO'S ORIGINAL SIZE Miniaturizer is a simple tool to convert your landscape photos to miniature look and feel in a simple way. You don't have to buy TiltShift lens to ...    49 kb    Views 301


film photo films albums brightness
-5    LightViewer is a LightBox for all persons who especially loves reversal films. Photographer and Designer must use LightViewer for confirmation and portable. This displays it like the reversal film reading image from Photo Albums. Your children and family's photographs become professional ...    594 kb    Views 5757


camera photos albums images mosaic hundreds
+6    ImageMosaic takes ordinary photos from your iPhone or iPad's camera or albums and mixes them into a stunning mosaic composed of hundreds of tiny images. You have to see it to believe it. • Take photos from your camera or saved ...    603 kb    Views 3877


photos wifi photo library web search email flickr albums 9745 9733 file download sharing device
0    Search+Download+Manage+Store+Organize+Edit+Protect+Import+View+Share photos and albums right on your iPhone Access Millions of photos, Search & Download photos on the go, create albums to organize your photos, protect your sensitive albums with a password, and share all your photos by USB, Email or ...    5 MB    Views 7668


album pages memories favorite add albums choose
-2    Put your memories in your pocket with style and flair with Album, the photo album and scrap booking application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Create albums of your favorite pictures and memories. Choose from over 200 beautiful page frames to ...    24 MB    Views 9430
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+2    Photo Vault is your private photo manager on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With two step password protection: pattern & passcode lock and secret photo albums password support, you can easily secure your photo access. It also let you download ...    5 MB    Views 4222


+8    There are so many funny photo albums in douban site.This app list albums which are featured and most liked by douban users. This app is also an experiment of improving user experience, so enjoy it.    5 MB    Views 942

Camera Lomo+

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-9    com.skingtree.cameralomoplus Camera Lomo plus makes your photo arts LOMO style and more Realtime & High Quality LOMO Filter Effect with your camera Make your photos from your albums or our Demos to create outstanding art works. Save your creations and share ...    11 MB    Views 8747


facebook iphone photos destination albums backup
0    picBackup is the right app if you want to backup all photos on your iPhone or iPad in 3 clicks. 1. Choose your destination: Facebook, Drive or Dropbox 2. Selects the album to be loaded 3. Click "Start Backup" Will be uploaded only photos ...    8 MB    Views 2011
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-7    You don't know how you look like when you try a dress, but with Dress Girl app you will. It 's easy to load your photo from albums or camera and dress up for your photo. Maybe after dress up for ...    13 MB    Views 9849


photo photos social home search albums computer
-9    Name That Photo with PhotoNamer This app allows you to EASILY give your photos a descriptive file name. Just speak or type a meaningful name and then snap away. Your photos will now have the name you chose. No more wondering ...    2 MB    Views 8767
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+4    Easy to search and download the photo from internet with fast speed and high quality Forget about opening your browser every time you need to search pictures With this application, you can find anything with very, very much of images    2 MB    Views 8356
Related Apps photo photos albums create convenient moments put 284188725
+13    一款实用,方便,时尚,轻巧的相册和图片软件。你可以把你的爱机刚刚拍摄的照片导入到这款应用中,您的照片就到了您本地的文件夹,进行更方便的浏览,删除等操作。你也可以通过iTunes文件共享把您电脑上的照片打包一次性导入到这款便捷的应用中。当然导入到那个文件夹您可以任意支配。你可以新建公开的相册,跟朋友一起分享激动时刻,你也可以新建加密相册,珍藏值得怀念的瞬间。无需多说,快来下载使用吧。QQ交流群284188725 A practical, convenient, stylish, lightweight photo albums and photo software. You can put your love photos into the app, and your photos are on to your local folders for easier browsing, or delete operation. You can also put pictures on ...    4 MB    Views 9058
photos photo videos music search time editing flickr ipad iphone albums option add album private slideshows privacy
+1    Photo Album makes it easy to manage photos and videos with Organize, Sync, Slideshows and Privacy features in one App. Organize your photos with draganddrop gestures, Keep it safe with PIN and Password, and Sync with iPad, iPhone or iPod ...    15 MB    Views 5921

Friends Albums

Related Apps photos facebook photo browse search albums view album version pro instagram friends
-6    Browse, view and comment your Facebook friends' photo albums. Upload photos to your Facebook albums. Facebook Features View your Facebook albums / photos View your Facebook friends' albums / photos Like / unlike photos/albums/comments View and make comments to photos/albums Slide ...    14 MB    Views 5523
Related Apps photo ipad books albums retina pages
+19    Souvenir: A nicer way to look at photos on your iPad. Optimized for the new Retina display Easy photo albums Souvenir turns the pictures on your iPad into virtual photo books, with covers you design. It's also Retinaready, for ...    106 MB    Views 3988
Related Apps photo great high events albums res
+11    This app has the following features: Take pictures within a shared group photo album. Sync to dropbox. Download highres images from anyone in the groups. Realtime photo stream. Wifi enabled high res uploads and downloads. Easiest way to create and ...    25 MB    Views 3618

Photo Journals

Related Apps photo photos journals albums
+14    Photo Journals is an innovative and new way of browsing your photo albums. Pulling together your photos from all albums and events, Photo Journals plots these onto a Calendar allowing you to find and browse your photos in a new ...    5 MB    Views 9216
photo photos apps web search support albums vault features secret password download manager
+20    Photo Vault is your private photo manager on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With two step password protection: pattern & passcode lock and secret photo albums password support, you can easily secure your photo access. It also let you download ...    6 MB    Views 4485


Related Apps photo albums
+22    Photos are the true treasures of our lives. We collect them over the years and assemble them into photo albums which in turn become our own autobiographies. "Photohoku" is a project to rebuild and restart family photo albums of those affected ...    10 MB    Views 2002

FB Photo Gallery

Related Apps facebook photo albums gallery images
0    FB Photo Gallery is an iOS App that integrates with your Facebook account. You can see all your friends from Facebook . You can check out the photo albums they have, can see all the pictures from their albums. You ...    2 MB    Views 4098
twitter photo photos design search camera 9734 albums net view user save
+9    Upload and view photos posted on App.Net and Twitter in a completely new way Beautiful design and intuitive user interface makes your photo sharing and viewing experience much more enjoyable. View photos from people you follow on App.Net or Twitter, make custom ...    7 MB    Views 8402

My Digital Album

Related Apps photos album pages albums content
0    We all love albums but current apps are focused on single pages. Feel the joy of making and viewing your own album the way you would have done it in old times FEATURES: Create Albums. Add photos and text to each page ...    8 MB    Views 4860


Related Apps search images
0    Search the web for images, and find photos of anything you like. Type some keywords in the search box, and get millions of images within seconds, that you can: Browse through, View full screen, Share with friends, Use as a wallpaper, ...    1 MB    Views 9325

Album Manager

Related Apps photos photo facebook search browse albums album view comments instagram show version
-8    The app helps to batchupload photos to your Facebook photo albums and share with your chosen friends. Facebook Features View your Facebook albums / photos View your Facebook friends' albums / photos Like / unlike photos/albums/comments View and make comments to ...    14 MB    Views 2497
Related Apps photo photos email web library search twitter facebook map view album picasa albums google public add
0    The app allows you to view/manage your own Picasa (Google+) web albums/photos and explore featured photos. Features: Multiple authorised account support Search public photos View your Picasa web albums View your favorite accounts' shared web albums View Picasa featured photos View ...    21 MB    Views 1867


Related Apps search pictures world
+19    Dispot Explore the world through photographs With Dispot you can search and share landscape pictures, taken at any location around the world. All pictures are geo tagged and can be found on the map in an easy and fun way. ...    31 MB    Views 1157


Related Apps photos search
+4    Simply search and browse Flickr photos: Recently uploaded photos Interesting photos Search photos by keywords Download photos to your phone's gallery Read comments    10 MB    Views 2055


Related Apps photo application album albums add pictures
+8    Organize your pictures and your videos in albums. Reorder albums and pictures in each album by drag and drop. Add textual description for each picture or video. Resize dynamically them for better display. Manage your photo album directly, easily securely without duplication in the ...    9 MB    Views 6025
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