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+14    A powerful Facebook album batch downloader You can... batch download your own album batch download your friends' album batch download page/group's album download a single photo Photos will be downloaded to your device's "camera roll" Cannot download anonymous user's album    2 MB    Views 5911

앨범 카메라

+21    Manage your special memories through individual/personalized albums Once you take a picture, it will automatically be saved to the album How to use: Create an album Select an album to take a picture You can check the album through Apple's default photo ...    6 MB    Views 4800


+7    ◎ You can take a photo in full screen. ◎ FullWide ViewFinder UI. ◎ Powerful Photo Editor 【Pro Version Features】 √ SelfTimer √ Burst shooting √ Secret Album Save pictures into Private Album, InApp Album Passcode lock    13 MB    Views 9520

Maternity Album

+17    "Maternity Album" is a camera application for expectant mothers.Every day, every week, you take a photo, can make your original album. Today's feelings, new baby's name, you can write simple memo.Have a good maternity life Specifications Memo Taking guide line Monthly calendar Alarm Save photo in camera ...    3 MB    Views 4650

Easy Albums Free

+2    The application can help you arrange your photos. You can create new album and drag photos into it. Of course you can remove photos from album or delete them.    4 MB    Views 3740


Related Apps photos album
+5    Customize your photo book album. Import your photos from camera roll, Facebook, or Instagram, then design your album by dragging your desired photos to the appropriate page. We will deliver the album right to your door.    19 MB    Views 8706

Funny Fotos!

+2    Have lots of fun with your photos With Funny Fotos you can load your pictures (from camera, photo album or clipboard) and then decorate them with funny hats, beards, glasses, hair and other facial features. Pictures can then be saved ...    8 MB    Views 4792
+3    Don't want to be recognized? Paparazzi uses face detection to blur out the faces in your photos. Blurring happens in real time while you set up your shot, so you know exactly what it's going to look like. Choose between a ...    3 MB    Views 4343


+2    Simple application for easy taking photos and making a clip using them. It's so simple app that have just two screens And you can create clip from your photos in 3 or 4 steps For example like my yellow toy car. :) Attention: ...    2 MB    Views 2334
+4    Photo Manager helps to organize and protect your photos and videos. With date and caption for each photo and video , you'll never lose your precious memory. You can lock the album with individual password, and the locked album can ...    13 MB    Views 6837

Thumbnail Art

Related Apps photos art thumbnail album
+2    50% off for limited time [Thumbnail Art] allow you to make Thumbnail wall , then synthesizing with the background photo you choose. You can select the photos from camera roll album or from the iTunes app document. 5 styles of synthesis Filter:Hue,contrast,transparency, exposure,blur, ...    10 MB    Views 9075
+5    Have you ever seen a water reflection of your Image. Here you will see reflection of your own image. You can take a picture from the device camera or select an image from the photos album and get the water ...    1 MB    Views 8381


Related Apps album tap open application
0    This application contains the wallpapers of Fairytales, open the application tap the set wall icon to save the images in to your photos album, Open the iPhone photo album tap the image which you want to use as your wallpaper.    5 MB    Views 7525
Related Apps photo facebook software album manage upload
-7    This is a Photo Manage Software. We Can Manage Privacy Photo through this Software, And We will provide as succinct as possible style of operation Its Feature including: 1.Need password before Use it, and if not Login our photo will not Visible. 2.We ...    1021 kb    Views 9348


wallpaper album tap open application
-2    This application contains the various wallpaper around the globe, Open the application tap the set wall icon to save the images in to your photos album, Open the iPhone photo album tap the image which you want to use as your wallpaper.    3 MB    Views 7972

Dice Mosaic

photo mosaic pictures album
+9    Turn your photos into a mosaic made of dice A fun effect that gives your favorite pictures a fresh, new look. Great for backgrounds or to share with friends. Use pictures from your device's own photo album. Pick from black dice, ...    16 MB    Views 9352

Eclipse HD

Related Apps iphone photos album
+14    A photo album of the annular eclipse on May 21, 2012. (for iPhone: This album includes a combination of fantastic photos of the sun and the moon taken by Asami Hasegawa, and of improvisation played by Masayuki Sayama. Shooting Location: Japan Number ...    19 MB    Views 4422


-1    An application for viewing a photo album from a certified photographer. The photo album can also contain video, music and animations. Attendees of a wedding can download the album using the given password from the photographer. (via email, card, etc)    925 kb    Views 404

Sphere Photo

+12    The Sphere Photo App is transforming a photo spherically. You are able to make the Sphere Photo very easily. You select a photo at the photo album. and, In order that it is suitable for the size of the Sphere, You control the size ...    10 MB    Views 599

We Can Do It!

Related Apps photo flip album poster
+17    Be a part of a poster supporting American industry during World War II which proclaims 'We Can Do It'. It is one the most famous posters of any sort ever printed. HOW TO USE select a photo ...    3 MB    Views 5661
Related Apps photos image reflection water album
+20    Have you ever seen a water reflection of your Image. Here you will see reflection of your own image. You can take a picture from the device camera or select an image from the photos album and get the water ...    4 MB    Views 9452

myPhoto Collection

Related Apps photos photo navigation album albums organize
+2    Easiest app to manage your Photo Albums Features: + Extremely simple and powerful navigation + 3 different themes to select from + Crate and Organize albums along with name and date + Organize the photos into albums + Allows user o save photos directly ...    21 MB    Views 1784


select album
+23    DorkedUp is a fun application that lets you select some funny features to bring out your inner dork. Just Select a picture from your photo album or use the camera. Select a bow tie, horn rimmed glasses with tape, ears ...    3 MB    Views 1114


+14    Always your (wedding) album at hand to show to your friends and family Using the app “FotoBoek” you can easily take your album with you, on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Just download the app and enter your personal album code, ...    658 kb    Views 2235


+7    (Family Album) helps you to create personalized photo albums, with DIY background, photo frame, decorations, fonts and other artistic effects, making your photos more outstanding. Let you and your family retain memories, as well as share to others. Features: 1. Highresolution photo ...    67 MB    Views 4094

Zombies Make HD Ad

Related Apps email zombie zombies friends album
-6    Zombies Make Why not make a cute zombie doll for your friends. They must be surprised I promise Zombies Make You could make zombie by yourself now. You could save it to your photo album and send email to your friends. FEATURES You could make hundreds ...    11 MB    Views 1080

FotoGoofy Lite

facebook picture album
-5    FotoGoofy is a fun photo taking application. Just select the frame you like before taking picture. You can retake the picture many times until you are satisfied. You can also choose a picture from camera album. You can zoom in/out ...    6 MB    Views 342

My Digital Album

+1    We all love albums but current apps are focused on single pages. Feel the joy of making and viewing your own album the way you would have done it in old times FEATURES: Create Albums. Add photos and text to each page ...    8 MB    Views 4860
Related Apps photos photo city album specific
+11    MyPhotos is your ultimate Photo Album on iPhone  Smart and very handy, MyPhotos automatically locates your photos, and guess where and in which cities and countries your photos were taken. Where and when that picture was taken ? What is the list ...    2 MB    Views 3423


Related Apps photo christmas image album
+10    A christmas photo decoration and sticker application =============== Features =============== over 200 christmas icons and frames import image from camera and photo album resize/rotate/move/select/delete export image to photo album mail image upload to Facebook The exported image resolution is: 640x960 for iPhone ...    23 MB    Views 5016

ID Portrait

Related Apps photo size portrait selected album
+6    "ID portrait" is a photo application for iphone/ipod touch. "ID Portrait" can make your best shot ID photograph. The following photographs can be selected. ・Photo taken with camera ・saved pictures in photo album. A part of the photo is selected, and it trims to the ...    1 MB    Views 4195

Magic Cheeks

magic photos album thin
+5    Magic Cheeks will make your cheeks thin or chubby Please refer to the screen shots below. Features: Make cheeks thin or chubby Shoot photos in app or select from an album Compare Before and After Save image back to album Send images ...    9 MB    Views 1661


photos event album submit
0    Fundography crowdsources event photos and sells them to support a designated cause. The Fundography App makes it easy to do Event organizers submit their event and Fundography creates an album where eventgoers can share their photos. By using the free Fundography ...    2 MB    Views 9511

2.9D Camera

Related Apps photos chinese album
-3    You can create a 3D photos simply with one button. It uses stereogram to simulate 3D effect. And 3D photos can be saved to the album in the app. Features: One Click to shoot the 3D photo Orientation Free 3D photos playback album Localization Supported: ...    8 MB    Views 9112


Related Apps photo image album
-6    A photo decoration and sticker application with valentine theme. =============== Features =============== over 200 icons and frames import image from camera and photo album resize/rotate/move/select/delete export image to photo album mail image upload to Facebook The exported image resolution is: 640x960 for ...    27 MB    Views 4


time pictures set album number
+6    fOShoot is designed for people who love using the camera. It can take any number of pictures in a time you specify. You can create your own albums to categorize the photos you have taken in different time. Launch the app ...    664 kb    Views 5417

Photo Security

Related Apps photo pictures album passcode save
-5    Save, view, and delete your pictures securely You can create new album, add photos to albums by Photo Library or Camera. Take pictures and save in Main Album without unlock passcode. Capture the person who try to attempt 3 ...    3 MB    Views 7758


+25    SportsWorks is an easy and free way to view all of the photos and videos of your sports team in one place. Easily upload and store your team's photos and videos from practices and games in your team's private album. Only those ...    2 MB    Views 4992
Related Apps summer camera couple album start
+4    [Couple Camera] Various, lovely Realtime filters. Our own unique initial couple logos, highquality & sensitivity photos. <3 [Instantly Uploaded in an Album] Take a photo. View it in your album as a piece of remembrance. Our precious moments. Start like summer, start with summer.    35 MB    Views 1678


animation album pen gif photograph
-6    The track drawn on the photograph is changed into animation GIF. [Function] Pen Color : Black, Red, Blue, Green, White Pen Size : Small, Normal, Large Load Photograph : Camera, Album Output : EMail(Animation GIF), Album(still picture)    2 MB    Views 4141


Related Apps photo touch album
-5    enjoy touch painting on your iPhone or iPod Touch, have a fun whole family. You can control the color, the size of your brush, and the opacity of the paint. Make cool pictures using this app , save them in your ...    236 kb    Views 7994
Related Apps photo album
+12    Create an enduring, timeless collection of photos without ever forgetting when a photo was taken Timeless Album automatically organizes and displays your precious moments by date. It even shows the location of pictures taken with GPSenabled iDevices. With Timeless Album, ...    4 MB    Views 6343

Travel Snaps

Related Apps photos album create
+9    A great way to keep track of your travels, and keep your friends at home updated as well. Upload photos from your photo album or camera, add a comment, and create an automatically create an album of your travels. Very easy to ...    904 kb    Views 5561
Related Apps facebook photos album friends
0    My Album allows you to look at the Facebook photos of you and your friends in the most handy way. Support Retina Display Album is downloaded into your iPad with a single touch (Download highest quality photos from Facebook system) ...    4 MB    Views 5116

Xmas Hats Lite

Related Apps photo photos xmas lite hats album
+16    Xmas Hats Lite lets you pimp your photos with a Santa hat and/or an antler. You can add holiday art to photos in real time on devices that have a camera or you can use any photo from the photo ...    846 kb    Views 2093


Related Apps panorama picture shot album photograph
+2    You can easily take a picture of the panorama shot. Moreover, the taken photograph can be preserved in the album. Please taste the world of a happy panorama. Function list (1)One panorama shot can be made by taking a picture three times. (2)When ...    448 kb    Views 9179

4-8-12 Acts

Related Apps photos album
-8    4812 Acts is a fun application that allows you to take photos consecutively in 4, 8, or 12 acts with 1 second interval. Save to photos album or share to Facebook, with optional blending album cover.    2 MB    Views 7000


function album create import
-3    HV is an innovative tool that gives you a totally new sensation in authoring your album by scrolling horizontally and vertically. You can create your entire album only with iPad by simple method and action. HV’s main features: Create an album that ...    53 MB    Views 757

Online Album

online album
-6    Online album is the easy way to see all your photos that you have uploaded on the homepage. This is the new way to carry all pictures around with you.    7 MB    Views 3694

Zoom Eyes

photos eyes zoom smaller album bigger
-1    Zoom Eyes will literally make your eyes bigger or smaller. Please refer to the screen shots below. Features: Make eyes bigger or smaller Shoot photos in app or select from an album Compare Before and After Save image back to album Send ...    9 MB    Views 4516


photo album user
+21    50 % Off sale now "CalmFrame" is a digital photo frame app. You can retrieve photos from photo storage and SNS. Now, you can use Picasa (user's album and other user's share album) Facebook Instagram Pinterest.    24 MB    Views 2423

Social Album

Related Apps facebook social album
+21    Social Album produces a slideshow of your Facebook pictures. It displays your album and tagged photos. App features include: login with your Facebook account pause on a photo, go back and forth navigate to the Facebook album.    1 MB    Views 2484


Related Apps photo draw line album
+1    DrawOnPhoto is a professional tool for you to draw on your photo image. Main features: Select photo from album or camera Smooth line effect Palette Straw Redo & Undo Nine canvas size Nine awesome backgrounds Five shapes: Rectangular, circular, triangular, line, ...    32 MB    Views 5333


Related Apps photos album add share
-9    Welcome to Fastshare Fastshare was created to facilitate the exchange of photos and images between people in a quick and easy way. You just need to create an album, add your photos and provide the generated code with whom you want ...    4 MB    Views 1854
music photos album creator
+28    ▲ TЯ∆PT∆ЯЯ ▲ Trap Music Album Cover Creator TrapStarr lets you create amazing Trap Music album covers using your photos. Choose that glamour n glitz to pop your photos off. ◉ 1 finger to move ◉ 2 fingers to scale and rotate Share your newly created ...    32 MB    Views 3074

Tweet Camera

Related Apps photo camera twitter tweet album application
+2    NEWS Now on sale 1.99 > 0.99 For all the Twitter user This may be the simplest photo contribution application. Tweet Camera is born to TWEET with photo on twitter. This is the camera application with simple function what you want. Easy to tweet with photo. And you ...    1 MB    Views 4187

P&D Icon Maker

photo step album
+28    With this app, you can make P&D (Puzzle & Dragons) style Icons with 4 steps only: Step 1. Take a photo or pick a photo from album Step 2. Select a frame Step 3. Move, rotate and scale the photo with your finger. Step ...    2 MB    Views 3193
Related Apps christmas photo album animated
0    Animated Christmas 3D photo album Decorate your Christmas table with this fabulous Christmas 3D photo album Very easy to set up, just select your best 6 photos, tap play, and this beautiful Christmas 3D animation with selected pictures is ready No Ads, no ...    47 MB    Views 8238

SWI camera

Related Apps photo album full
0    ◎ You can take a photo in full screen. ◎ FullWide ViewFinder UI. ◎ Powerful Photo Editor 【Pro Version Features】 √ SelfTimer √ Burst shooting Save pictures into Private Album, InApp Album    15 MB    Views 8404


Related Apps photos facebook album
-7    FriendsPhotos creates a gorgeous photo album with Facebook photos from you and your friends. Connects with Facebook, so photos are always up to date Read and add comments or view full screen photos with a single tap. See all of ...    3 MB    Views 8772
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