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+6    "Sort Photos into Different Albums Easily, Select upto 4 Albums and Just slide photos to there related Albums" We all have our Personal, Family and Official Photos all together, It was almost impossible to sort them in different Albums and boring ...    2 MB    Views 3236

Cars Wallpaper

+4    Cars Wallpaper is a collection of amazing cars, brings at the tip of your fingers some of the most luxurious and wanted cars in the world. Get access to all the images from the world's top automovile markers, and enjoy the ...    3 MB    Views 8999

VnMob - In Touch

+3    Vnmob In Touch VnMob's a free, simple way to make friends, chat, voice call, share photos, thinks on your iPhone, Android. Features: Friends Photo, video Sharing Chat & Group Chat Voice call between 2 vnmob users Voice via Wifi, ...    6 MB    Views 9612

Tap Photo Mask

photo photos email artwork work images image tap copy finger slide clipboard clipart
+14    Welcome to the world of photographic image rendering & editing A must have for photo sharing and merging of images. A photo editor Tap Photo Mask (TPM) is a powerful photography and image modification application. It transforms your photos & images ...    2 MB    Views 9558
+6    Best user experience and No ads for professional version Anime Wallpapers for your device offers 40,000+ high quality Japan manga or animation wallpapers. You can find more than 600+ kinds of anime. such as new fan anime: Attack on Titan, ...    4 MB    Views 5082

Cats Album

cats photos move stop show slide interval cute album
+5    Do you like cats? All cats in this app are cute than characters of angry birds, tiny wing, pocket monster Cats Album will heal your soul, body and heart. Over hundreds of Pretty, Cute, Adorable cat's photos are contained in this app. You can ...    37 MB    Views 6861
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-3    InstaSlide+ is the perfect app for creating beautiful slideshow from your photos. Create beautiful short video stories using customizeable play time, transitions, beackground music, watermark, filter effects, narration and texts. PHOTO SLIDES • Add multiple photos from your iPhone album • Reorder photos ...    23 MB    Views 5600

iShowPhoto Basic

Related Apps photos photo animation library time browse facebook flickr music slide show select button save
+21    What? iShowPhoto is a cool app that help you to manage web albums, including Facebook photos, Flickr and Google Picasa right now, and create slide show with photos in your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. With iShowPhoto, you can: • Manage multiple Flickr accounts, browse/modify/delete your ...    3 MB    Views 166

uAlbum HD

photos photo ipad animation frame albums effects slide show enjoy
-6    Featured in "New & Noteworthy" section in US iPad App Store (Photography) Limited Introductory Sale 25% off (3.99 > 2.99) With uAlbum, you can manage your photos and make custom albums, directly from your iPad. Manage you photos effectively ...    24 MB    Views 6242
+20    Edge detecting process is performed to your photos. You can set the edge detecting degree. Please appropriately control the degree in accordance with a situation. You can also create a drawing for coloring from the photograph you took. Step is shown below. 1. Please take ...    336 kb    Views 90
slide image add touch easily photographed iphone6 ripple effect
+4    Still image to add a ripple effect photographed image touch, slide, is an app that video can be photographed. Touch the image, you can easily shoot with the ripples in the slide. iOS8 subsequent environment is required. It has been tested to work ...    940 kb    Views 7297

Photo Snap for iOS

photo photos camera editing slide albums shows include roll
-5    Photo Snap will Edit, Organize, Show, and Share your Phone Photos. You can create Photo Albums to organize Photos. Slide Shows can be created with Transitional Effects and music playing in the background for display. You can have any number ...    29 MB    Views 7878
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+29    Now available for free (with ads) iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy the now Kyoto flower information. Know the Kyoto full bloom of flowers Tourism taxi driver, People of shrine that grow flowers, People of senior, Kyoto of seasonal flowers, and would like to convey the ...    3 MB    Views 2728

FlipFace Fun

photo library funny fun laugh slide left
+15    Would you like to see what it looks like for a photo flip left or right? Now, find out with "FaceFlip Fun", which will magically transforms anyone’s face into your laugh points Do you believe? If not, touch it and revenge Features: 1. ...    918 kb    Views 8333
screen touching slide automatic blue displayed number button moved
+4    This is a photograph collection application program that copies Okinawan beauty scene. The Cobalt blue ocean, the Blue sky, nature, and the tradition. Please enjoy the color. It is about 40 Okinawan's cut out from a small island of the best selection. [operation] To ...    18 MB    Views 4413
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0    SECURE YOUR PERSONAL PHOTO’s IN PHOTO’s LOCKER APPLICATION With the arrival of iPhone & iPad devices into the market the generation of Photography has changed entirely to a more precise level and ease of use, that providing superb photo clarity like ...    9 MB    Views 9369

Dogs Album

dogs cats album move slide show waiting stop interval real tool
-1    Here comes the Dogs Album Hundreds new dogs photos are ready to give you happiness and relaxation. Real, Cute, Pretty dogss and puppies are waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for? Click the Download button and be a real Dog Lover And if ...    8 MB    Views 7614

Slide Night

photos slide night display devices simple show drag select smart
0    Slide Night is about putting your photos where you want them On your Smart TV So your friends or family can laugh, cry or gaze in wonder whilst being impressed with just how simple it is to show photos ...    1 MB    Views 2951

Slide Photo Sharing

+20    Voted 1 app among penguins and cool kids World's first iBeacon based photo sharing app Slide is the easiest way to share photos with the people around you. Just take a photo and slide your screen up to share. There's ...    24 MB    Views 6253

Cam++ Photo Frames

Related Apps photo camera library photos frame frames cam choose tap save slide
-6    Cam++ Photo Frames is a photo enhancement app. Make your photos look better by decorating them with frames to make them more original and impressive. Real Time Photo Frames Camera Trick your Friends with "Fake SMS+" Free versions Cam++ Love ...    218 MB    Views 8340


photos photo library frame ipad albums storage effects slide copy
+4    With myPhotoShow (especially for iOS5), you can create new Albums in iPad photo library and add photos to them. Unlike existing Photos apps, it does not duplicately copy photos to its storage. So you can save your device's storage. Manage your photos effectively and enjoy the fantastic ...    19 MB    Views 5294
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+11    MUSICALME SLIDE SHOW DESCRIPTION “A new slide show app, where every image strikes a chord” “Enjoy soothing, meditative music played with the various colors of your personal photos.” “It's a fantastic sleepaid” ABOUT MusicalMe Slide Show is an easy to use app designed to allow ...    48 MB    Views 9005

Pro Photo Album

photo photos videos folder slide create shows date folders album button
+14    iPhoto Album Now you can save all photos and videos taken in you iPhone in a heretical folders and sub folders for your convenience. You can name each photo in a meaningful name give it a description that will show in the ...    2 MB    Views 5284

Psychedelic Camera

photo camera change color bar slide vertical sns posterize
+22    It is an application to change the impression by controling ing the color of the photo. It is a camera application to change an image to psychedelic one. By adjusting the color in the slide horizontal bar and vertical bar, Let's take a ...    1 MB    Views 581
+1    COLLAGE SLIDESHOW © is the brand new way to reveiw your photos Zoom view: Create a gallery type of slide show where each photo appears to hang on a wall and zoomed in when view animates over it. You can use ...    16 MB    Views 3686


photo painting work slider area slide paint detail resolution parts import
0    Get your own painting in 3 minutes. Don’t need any painting skills,just importing a photo,you can very easily draw a painting in few minutes. step1: Take a photo from camera or album(long press will import hiresolution photo). step2: Slide the slider to the Background area, paint ...    43 MB    Views 3944
photos photo camera sns tab 500px instagram function slide favorite cloud
0    I give to love all photos. To see. Find. Sort out. The ultimate photo viewer app Recommend 3 points 1, not just photos in camera roll Popular photos SNS (three), you will be able to retrieve and display photos from major cloud service (two) Super high ...    6 MB    Views 3172
-8    Piczzle Break Photo slide puzzle for HD Beautiful photo slide puzzle game. includes 31 kinds High Quality Image five kinds of difficulty    39 MB    Views 8375


photo slide images flip zoom support transitions transition random
+10    Bore with the buildin photo album Slide Show? Want a different one? Time to change to CCPhoto Digital Photo Frame Features 35 transitions in 12 different types shipped with 110 high resolution natural images random slide random transitions configurable transition and slide ...    35 MB    Views 5602

Time Slider

time puzzle facebook slider tiles higher slide
-5    Time Slider is a sliding puzzle game that challenges you to slide a number of tiles on a board to reach puzzle complete. Players will have to slide the tiles to recreate the photo at the fastest time possible in ...    65 MB    Views 8473
video time camera facebook twitter photos www slide position youtube reminders
0    Create multiple timelapse videos with FaceSlide Capture beard growth using the face position guide, record your child growing up, monitor that baby bump, capture a sunset...the possibilities are endless Set reminders, preview, and adjust FaceSlides at any time. Use one of seven ...    2 MB    Views 78
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-9    Now you can make your own AMAZING video slide show with ONLY a few taps Slide Maker mixes your photos & music to be a short FANTASTIC video slide show. You can share them with your friends via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ...    21 MB    Views 5345


magazine photos photo clock vote slide life university chose votes
0    Elective is an app that students can use to make a physical magazine about university life. Upload photos into the stream and vote on the photos taken by others. Our promise is to publish whatever photos receive the highest scores. ...    NAN    Views 1531

Slide Photos

Related Apps photo photos facebook share slide sharing friends easily
-2    Slide is a photo sharing app that enables you to share more than just one photo at a time. We believe photo sharing shouldn't be limited to just one photo. Post up to 10 photos at once and share more ...    22 MB    Views 4211
Related Apps photo film iphone camera photos slide auto simple mode create drive
+14    Film Camera is the most simple iPhone app to take awesome "SlideFilm" photos on your iPhone. And, It is the only one in the App Store. The slideflim photo will be saved to your photo album with the size 3000 x ...    636 kb    Views 7420

Tonal Cam

photos filters slide left white black
+17    Simplistic app for stunning black & white photos.. Features: 9 Black & White filters (slide left to right) Live filters to see the preview before taking photos Save multiple images to dropbox Timer and flash settings (slide right to left) We ...    2 MB    Views 6323
presentation text music photo video library voice email facebook photos presentations slides add slide
+12    Create HIGH DEFINITION professional video presentations with this feature rich video presentation creator. With WiPoint your presentations with ease. Add slides background from our selection or from your own photo library or camera. Add voiceover or background music in each ...    12 MB    Views 9996

Slide to unlock

+10    Let's make original and brilliant lock screen wallpapers You can easily make it without professional photo editing software. Look at the screenshots It's awesome. It's time to boast of your talented and creative lock screen wallpapers The text you typed is automatically placed ...    NAN    Views 5831


music editing photos card frame photo images display delete slide saved show smartphone settings
+23    View and edit photos on a smartphone OA.Viewer is a photo app for viewing and editing photos captured on the Olympus Air open platform camera. In addition to editing functions such as adjusting aspect ratio and trimming images, music saved on ...    NAN    Views 5219


blur finger slide activate screen middle
-1    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS +++ Create your own WALLPAPER and Maximize every pixel of your retina display with Blur+. Simply SLIDE YOUR FINGER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN TO GET TO THE CONTROLS. This is a fun new app that transforms ordinary pictures ...    4 MB    Views 4949
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-4    Tell your story with StoryTeller. Use it as a sketchbook to jot down ideas. Or create a deck presentation and send it as a PDF. Or even photo books and share them with your friends and family over mail. Amazing note ...    6 MB    Views 5819

Australian Outback

photo photos australian information enable sites guide slide
+28    Free DL for limited period only  Australian Outback is a travel guide application with rich contents in terms of photos and information about world of Australian outback. MAIN SITES ・Broome ・Mataranka ・Devil Marbles ・Cooper Pedy ・Derby ・Fitzroy Crossing ・Kununurra ・Wyndham KEY FEATURES Photo Slide Show 8 slide shows with ...    32 MB    Views 1377


photos photo map slide cherry collection color flowers
-9    Slowphoto is a bookshop application especially for photo albums. SlowPhoto itself is a free application. From the home page, you can look at cover pages of the photo albums and some sample photos. [Produce by Toshikazu Hibino] We have 4 photo albums in ...    131 MB    Views 4211


Related Apps video screenshots image choose slide save touch screen button
-2    Every time when I try to take screenshots from video. It’s end with “Home” or “Lock” screen. Then, I decided to make an application that take screenshots from video. How to use. Choose video. Slide a seek bar and Touch "Capture" button ...    3 MB    Views 7522
traffic photos slide button taps start show
+22    You can see many photos of traffic jam. You can only look with laughing. But we should think that these traffic jam cause heavy CO2 problem. I pray that these photos never seen anywhere in the future. Touch Start button you can see slide ...    2 MB    Views 5151

Phozzle Slide

puzzle slide
+24    Simple slide puzzle, just touch or slide. Create the puzzle from your photos on iPhone.    5 MB    Views 8314
presentation space slide show
0    Presentation 3D Slide Show Eye Popping Fun + Choose up to 12 Slides + Tap in the middle to fly through space to the next photo    2 MB    Views 2021


Related Apps photos collage wanna effects blow slide click frames rotate
+15    Wanna look prettier? Turn into a princess within a second Wanna look artistic? Choose any fresh special effects Wanna collage pictures? Just slide or shake your phone for fun Wanna showoff? Tencent Weibo is right there for you Lazy person? There’s no boring lecture ...    38 MB    Views 8223
japan slide kyoto show beautiful disappear taps start bar
+4    Please enjoy the slide show of beautiful photos of Gion in Kyoto Japan. Gion in Kyoto is the most famous town in Japan. The place is known as an adult town. And beautiful cherry blossoms bloom and the place is known. Please enjoy the ...    10 MB    Views 3154


puzzle board photo loop game form rows slide
-7    A picture puzzle with a Möbius twist. A simple set of rules, an intuitive touch interface, and a mindbending challenge for puzzlers of all ages. Warning: This puzzle is HARD Game Rules: The Möbius board is divided into rows and columns. The rows ...    12 MB    Views 3726


photo iphone family slides negatives negative slide scanner 35mm button
+11    Designed for use with the iPICS 2 GO scanner, the iPICS 2 GO app is the easiest way to transport all your prints, slides and negatives into the digital realm: ● Predefined cropping areas: capture 3x5 and 4x6 prints, and 35mm ...    6 MB    Views 9146

Camera 3D 360

photos pictures export stereo screen image slide images device gif
-6    Make "3D" images on your device Let's make 360 degree photos With this app, you can take up to 99 photos for one "3D" image set, the maximum number of pictures will largely depend on the memory available on your device. ...    19 MB    Views 4698

Talkies 4.0

Related Apps iphone ipad audio photo video time library email web recording picture slide album select talkies pictures sound show albums
-4    Try Talkies 7 if you have IOS 7 or IOS 6. Talkies4 like it rate it if not email Tell people about your pictures Talkies4 make a video by adding audio to your pictures. Quick steps ...    33 MB    Views 9168
photo iphone time music animation photos slideshow touch ipod slide play show simple
-2    Do not you display a slideshow of photos in iPhone/iPod Touch while charging you do not have anything? Select the album of iPhone/iPod Touch, simple photo slideshow, simply by pressing the Play button, It is a photo slideshow app that toggles the ...    2 MB    Views 7416


Related Apps iphone ipad audio photo video time library email web recording picture slide album select pictures sound talkies show
-5    Try Talkies 7 if you have IOS 7 or IOS 6. Talkies4 like it rate it if not email Tell people about your pictures Talkies4 make a video by adding audio to your pictures. Quick steps ...    33 MB    Views 654

Luis Merchan

ipad photos slide full modes
+2    Point to Luis Merchan's work and use 4 Modes in real time: Touch & Slide: Slide your finger FULL: Full Screen HALF: 50 50 NORMAL Take photos and save on your Photo Library or share on Twitter, Facebook and ...    8 MB    Views 8055


Related Apps presentation people camera library shooting photo reading photograph box function slide display show album pdf
+11    The OMOIDE BOX box is application to manage the photograph which is in your iPhone/iPad. You can appreciate a photograph slowly and carefully alone. In addition, you can show a photograph to spectators. This App can perform reading of the detailed ...    3 MB    Views 3963
Related Apps iphone photo music animation photos time ipod touch slideshow play slide show
-2    Do not you display a slideshow of photos in iPhone / iPod Touch while charging you do not have anything? Lite version of Photo Slideshow is simple, just press the play button, the camera roll on the iPhone / iPod Touch It is a ...    2 MB    Views 1051

Dark Sketch

photo sketch library images www control dark slide switch turns
+1    Dark Sketch takes your photos and turns them into unique art. Snap new pics or load an image from your photo library. The effect looks best on infocus images with lots of small details like pictures of landscapes or furry ...    2 MB    Views 3066
Related Apps photos photo twitter email library upload easily slide finger share
0    Imagine being able to upload photos to your favorite social networking site by simply swiping your finger. Slide n' Share allows you to just that. Easily choose a picture from your photo library and swipe your finger to the network you want ...    7 MB    Views 3809
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