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+7    Apply funny effects to your photos with the touch of your finger Easy and fun for kids to use. Includes 7 hilarious warp effects and a fully featured photo editor. Easily share your creations directly on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Millions of ...    8 MB    Views 8511

My Photo Editor app

photo editor
+15    My Photo Editor app is a lightweight, fast photo editor with many special effects for you to use for free. Enjoy    5 MB    Views 2688
+29    Image Magic is the powerful and advanced photo editor for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Editing your photos has never been that easy All features at a glance: • Select and edit your photos from your photo library or just take a ...    5 MB    Views 9635
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+15    This super sweet and sassy photo editor will brighten your day. So many super cute frames to choose from Make your photos even better with amazing filters and editing tools. With so many great features, it's the only photo app ...    27 MB    Views 9218
photo editor
+4    U lab photo studio , Take a selfie and make it as you want by this app. User Friendly all functionality will help to make your image how you want . Basic Feature : 1. Filter 2. Adjustment 3. Effect 4. Blur And Focus 5. Crop 6. ...    11 MB    Views 2437
photo background images save png jpg remove advanced tool eraser
+13    Photo Background Eraser helps to remove the background of any images and save the transparent results in Png or Jpg format with just few taps. It's very easy to use, just touch where you want to remove or restore. The resulting ...    33 MB    Views 4731


+19    ToonTweet, a lite version of ToonPAINT made specially for sharing with Twitter, allows you to easily create awesome looking cartoonpaintings with your own photos. Even if you have never drawn or painted before, ToonTweet sets you up for quick success by ...    9 MB    Views 7423
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+6    FREE DOWNLOAD FOR LIMITED TIME Amazing Photo Editor is an amazing fully featured photo editor Enhance (Auto, Night, Backlit, Balance) 10 Effects (Singe, Vivid, San Carmen, Indiglow, Concorde, Aqua, Strato, Laguna, Ventura, Soft Focus) 25 Stickers Rotate / Flip / ...    6 MB    Views 4414

Fix My Photos

+17    The photo editor for all your image editing needs. We've taken our powerful photo editor and have included some additional inapp features for all your photo editing needs. It includes for free, all the tools you need, in a super intuitive ...    24 MB    Views 2742

Smart Photo Editor+

-5    Smart Photo Editor+ lets you use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos from your iOS device. To make a beautiful photo you just need to use your fingers Features: • Effects • Focus • Frames • Stickers • Enhance • Orientation • Crop • Adjust • Sharpness • Splash • Draw • ...    15 MB    Views 3809
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+1    Looking for professional photo editor? You are in the right place Now we bring you all photo editing needs in one app Photo Filters Photo Effects Blur & Focus Stickers Color balance Resize, Crop, Rotate Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation Sharpen ...    8 MB    Views 416
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-4    FaceMine Lite is an advanced image editor that allows you to edit and apply effects to your favorite photos. Apply your favorite effects such as: Professionalquality effects •Quickly reframe, resize and rotate photo with intuitive tools and preset image cropping options • Enhance ...    7 MB    Views 4878

Booth Your Car

car photo pranks tools booth friends upload effects perfect joke editor advanced
-3    What can be more beautiful than your precious car? Absolutely nothing. And it means that’s a perfect source for pranks Meet our new super funny app – Booth Your Car. Play pranks on your friends with Booth Your Car Just upload ...    28 MB    Views 7992
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+15    The amazing Face Swaping app with the most optimal and accurate results. Try it with friends, family, and even your pets. Get ready for an absolutely hilarious stuff. BONUS: Play prank with your friends by swapping their faces from their Facebook photos ...    24 MB    Views 96
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-9    Photo Wizard Powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss. Feature Enhancement Color balancing 13 Filter Effects 13 Custom Picture Frames 24 ...    21 MB    Views 9702
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+3    Water FX Photo Editor. Give amazing water effects to your photos by this app.    23 MB    Views 3466

Photo Editor 2.0

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+8    Potent photographic editor for your iphone or ipad, you can take photos or select the ones you have to make the photographic edition. You can rotate, add text, make effects, adjust, use filters ... Possibly one of the best applications for retouching ...    8 MB    Views 3919
photo photos editor
+3    ✦✦✦FREE FOR A LIMIT TIME✦✦✦ Photo Editor Infinity is an amazing photo editor Photo Editor Infinity works across all iOS devices and allows you to edit all photos you have It's very simple to use, fast and highly effective Feature: ✦Enhance Photos in ...    2 MB    Views 6327
+2    Our approach to this video tutorial is to explore how the advanced settings can be used in real world situations, and how they influence the final image. This video tutorial is not for novice photographers. It assumes you have a working ...    558 MB    Views 7726
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+22    yo CAP is the most advanced meme, picture, image and photo captioning tool on the market. Best of all it's free The application comes with multiple free colored and demotivational templates which you can use with your photos and images ...    16 MB    Views 2966
photography photos underwater application guide window advanced
+5    Guide to Advanced Underwater Photography is a pocket reference for experienced underwater photographers, who want to improve their skills further. The guide covers : Lighting, Strobes, Rear Curtain Flash, White Balance, Natural Light, Close Focus Window, Using a Model, Night Dive ...    26 MB    Views 5821
photography people learn advanced size histogram free sensor find simple
-3    POCKETCHRIS IS NOW FREE "A worthy app for any iPhone front page" Mister Gee 82 Learn to work with the histogram, control what people see in your photos, learn how sensor size influences the picture Just try it out with the flick ...    15 MB    Views 3086
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-7    Powerful photo editing in the palm of your hands Photivo's intuitive design gives you 1tap photo perfection and lets you become a professional visual creator instantly. It's the fastest, most powerful, allinone photo editing tool you will come across that transforms ...    20 MB    Views 5074

Pic Effects Editor

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+2    Pic Effects Editor is a fully featured photo editor This is the last photo editing app you will ever need Here are some of the amazing features: Apply Endless Effects (Vivid, Aqua, Strato, etc.) Crop, rotate, and straighten your photos Adjust ...    26 MB    Views 1748
+3    Congratulations, Graduate Celebrate your happy day with the Graduate Me Graduation Photo Editor. Add graduation hats, gowns, tassels and diploma. Even show off your honors cords and stoles. Use our easy app to select a photo to add graduation style to ...    11 MB    Views 3215
photo camera editing photos facebook email iphone birthday amazing frames effects advanced
+20    Special Offer ✓ Two Package Amazing Photo Frames Free ✓ Four Package Amazing Clip Arts Free ✓ Facebook and instagram profile pictures will never be boring with this APP Peoples who love social networking like Facebook , instagram , myspace, orkut, twitter etc... never ...    4 MB    Views 700

Simply Editor

editor simply
+5    Simply Editor is a editing photo application, composed of many advanced features. Quickly change a picture by cropping, adjusting colors, choose a blurring or TiltShift. Everything you need to make changes and finetuning. Options that make up Simply Editor are: Brightness Saturation ...    2 MB    Views 253

Vocal Selfie

-8    Advanced photo camera with voicetimer Place your iPhone in a right distance, srike a pose alone or together with your friends, clap your hands and here is the photo the Voicetimer Plus is an advanced photo camera that gives your an opportunity to ...    1 MB    Views 8412
photo facebook drive advanced effects
+16    Advanced photo editing app.Drive your photo as you want. hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, meme, frames, sticker, redeye, text, recolor, free draw and more... What else do you need to make your photo gorgeous? Drive your finger and leave cool effects into your photo ...    36 MB    Views 1274


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+5    Pic Mixture combine a new way to edit your awesome photo and a powerful photo editor. Applying masks and edit them was never easier then now. With 28 editable masks, you can give to each of your photo another "dimension". Features: • 28 ...    102 MB    Views 7650

Frame Shapes

frame photos editing features crop advanced shapes
+11    Frame Shapes creates unique collages with creative designs and advanced editing features, ready to enhance your photos in seconds. Features: Great frames Amazing filters Share with friends Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation Dynamic ToneCurve Advanced frame editing Sharpen and blur Gorgeous ...    36 MB    Views 9327


editing photos features crop advanced
+2    PhotoShapeFX creates unique collages with creative designs and advanced editing features, ready to enhance your photos in seconds. Features: Great frames Amazing filters Share with friends Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation Dynamic ToneCurve Advanced frame editing Sharpen and blur Gorgeous photo ...    57 MB    Views 3261

Go Pro Editor

Related Apps application pro editor
+22    Go Pro Editor is a professional image processing application. No matter you are an expert or a newbie, yo can create cool photo effects within less than one minute. This iPhone application has lots of edit options that will help ...    5 MB    Views 3133


editing photos features advanced crop
-3    PhotoShape+ creates unique collages with creative designs and advanced editing features, ready to enhance your photos in seconds. Features: Great frames Dynamic ToneCurve Sharpen and blur Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation Focus mode Share with friends Advanced frame editing Tons of ...    48 MB    Views 9251

Luma Photo Editor

Related Apps photo tools color filters advanced
-2    Luma gives you advanced tools for photo retouching. Features: High quality filters and film emulations (more coming soon) Advanced adjustments (shadow slope, acutance) Color wheels for highlights and shadows color corrections A light gradient drawing tool More tools and filters will be ...    134 MB    Views 391


video photos digital track geo gpx advanced
+12    Digital video recorder and camera with advanced geo referencing functionalities developped with outdoor activities in mind: walking, flying, soaring, climbing, driving, riding, sailing … GEOcamcorder provides advanced geo referencing capabilities to digital videos and photos taken with your iPhone or iPad, ...    2 MB    Views 1203

Av Photo Editor

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+5    Av Photo Editor allows you to load photos from your photo library or take a picture with the camera and start editing the way you like it. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, blur some parts of your photo, add text, filter, ...    7 MB    Views 6963
+9    Become a football player yourself with the Football DressUp Photo Editor Show your true fan colors by dressing up your favorite photos as football players. AWESOME FOOTBALL ACCESSORIES Lots of cool football items to try such as: Football jerseys, helmets, football pants, and ...    52 MB    Views 2372

Photo Editor +

Related Apps photo photos editor
0    Photo Editor + is a packed full of Photo Editing features, such as: Photo Blurring Filters Cropping Photos Photo Effects Edit your photos which ever way you want and then save them directly to your Gallery, or share them directly from the App.    2 MB    Views 9777

MTS Photo Editor

Related Apps photo editor image
+11    A simple and easytouse photo editor. This app allows you to add effects, stickers, and more with any image stored on your device. After you are done, save the image and share it easily to any of your favorite social ...    8 MB    Views 9567
Related Apps video camera management photography creative tutorial color give image advanced controls world settings
+6    iPad only version Our approach to this video tutorial is to explore how the advanced settings can be used in real world situations, and how they influence the final image. This video tutorial is not for novice photographers. It assumes ...    1 GB    Views 4523

Photo Overlay

Related Apps photo editor decoration overlay
-9    A photo editor to add overlay decoration in your photo. Just simply select frame, icons and text boxes or free drawing to make your photo more funny and beautiful. The newly designed editor tool allows you to make use whole device ...    28 MB    Views 1621
Related Apps photo advanced saturation effects contrast pro red brightness number
+29    Easily bring out the best in your Photo's with TouchUp Lite Quick, clean User Interface lets you edit photos in a matter of seconds. In terms of ease of use, this is hands down the best Photo Editing application on the ...    20 MB    Views 6648

Camero Photo Editor

photo editor
+5    Camero is a beautiful, fun, and easy to use photo editor. It's a great balance between minimalist design and powerful editing features. Even if you're a casual photographer or recently purchased your first phone you'll quickly start taking crisp, professional pics ...    12 MB    Views 2741


time recording video frame multiple lock output features advanced settings
+28    Time lapse photography made easy for novices, with features for advanced users. ✦ Exclusive ✦ : Multiple intervals per recording option. Email feedback capability. Use it for suggestions, complaints, or just to say Hi. If you have used CameraTime often, please leave ...    2 MB    Views 2785

Photo Editor Kit

Related Apps photo editor kit
+9    PHOTO EDITOR KIT IS HERE The incredible photo editor that your love It is easy to use and the results are impressive. Great Features: ✮ Amazing photo effects ✮ Frames ✮ Redeye remover ✮ Crop ✮ Rotate ✮ Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation ✮ Draw and add text ✮ Create ...    11 MB    Views 7041
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0    Got a photo that needs editing? Perfect Pixels is an all in one photo editor that packs a right punch. Enhance your photos in more ways than you ever could imagine. Features include Filter, brightness,saturation, contrast, effects, blur, resize, rotate, stickers, tone curve, text, ...    8 MB    Views 9884
Related Apps photo backgrounds editor chop
+12    Photo Chop Editor is your solution for chopping photos and pasting them on your custom backgrounds. We have over 50 backgrounds to choose from. Try them today and let us know what you made    27 MB    Views 7551

Beauty Photo Editor

Related Apps photo photos image editor
+7    powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go. Make photos with camera or select existing image. Apply amazing effects to the image. Share image in popular social ...    17 MB    Views 6959


Related Apps photo share editor
+13    Luxler Luxury Photo Editor Helping you create high quality photos you're proud to share... finally. Choose from your photo library or take a photo and edit it using Luxler's uniquely powerful photo editor. When you you are done share it with ...    8 MB    Views 323

Photo Editor Free+

Related Apps photo photos free editor
-5    Photo Editor Free+ gives you pro photo editing capabilities in a simple and elegant interface. Effortlessly add effects to your photos, choose from many builtin presets, crop the area you want, and copy edits you've made from one photo and ...    12 MB    Views 7745
photo facebook accessories photos share leprechaun editor fun advanced features friends
+27    Fun photo editor to dress your pics up Become a leprechaun for St. Pat's Day or just for luck Super cute effects on photos. LOTS OF FUN ACCESSORIES Choose from leprechaun hats, beards, and cool accessories like four leaf clovers, rainbows, and ...    25 MB    Views 3206
Related Apps photo editor fun
+6    Another photo editor Phew But wait, this one allows you to add multiple effects within the same photo Make cool looking images by adding different filters to the same photo. So make yourself look futuristic, and you can put your friends ...    40 MB    Views 4167
photos photo iphone camera adjust editor advanced support sharing instagram
+10    Enjoy specially today DISCOUNTED 50% Advanced Photo Editor is an picture processing app, powerful and easy to use. Your pictures are not nice? Try the 'Advanced Photo Editor' so your colors will look the best No annoying Ads No Time Limit ...    435 kb    Views 1170
Related Apps photography camera shooting accessories hardware digital depth tips content portrait advanced
-9    The HWM MEGAGUIDE: Digital Photography 3.0 is an indispensable guidebook covering the endtoend aspects of digital photography, from camera hardware fundamentals to shooting principles; from postprocessing techniques to choosing essential accessories. Version 3.0 improves on previous content with stunning photography ...    259 MB    Views 4725
Related Apps photo editor free kit
+2    PHOTO EDITOR KIT FREE IS HERE The incredible photo editor that your love It is easy to use and the results are impressive. Great Features: Amazing photo effects Frames Redeye remover Crop Rotate Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation Draw and add text ...    12 MB    Views 2782
Related Apps magazine photographers photo subscription current advanced issues auto account future period purchase
+9    Advanced Photographer magazine is the only monthly photo title totally dedicated to the advanced enthusiast. It is the magazine for serious photographers who have outgrown the profusion of onesize fits all photo magazines, and are ready for a title that ...    16 MB    Views 5254
Related Apps photo tools editing photos simple advanced editor jungle choose amazing
+13    Launch Celebration Download now FREE before price goes up Simple is a new fun and easy photo editor that works by touch only, all you need to do is choose the tools you want and slide your finger on the ...    83 MB    Views 9950
photos photo search camera tools face tag faces tagging effects advanced
-7    FACEMINE PREMIUM IS NOW FREE INSTALL and ENJOY FACE PHOTO TAGGING TODAY FaceMine is a ground breaking mobile facial detection and tagging app that allows you to search, tag photos and organize faces on your mobile device. Our advanced ...    16 MB    Views 5016
leprechaun editor pictures
-3    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Leprechaun Pictures Editor Have fun turning your photos into leprechauns Make funny faces and share yourself as a Leprechaun to your social networking followers. Leprechaun beards Leprechaun hats Irish accessories; shamrocks, four leaf clover, rainbow, gold ...    25 MB    Views 3034
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