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+25    Keep your most important pictures organized and instantly accessible When you meet someone at a social event, just open MyFamilyPics and show them your best photos immediately: Add persons and import pictures Email or export pictures easily Add comments for each ...    3 MB    Views 9698
+28    Share the magic moments of when you and the love of your life united as one with the photo app that allows you to photoshop, edit, add background, cut into pictures, add filters and add audio to your photos. Make every ...    54 MB    Views 7898
0    Special Launch Sale 50% Off 1.99 > 0.99 Grab it before the price go up Pimp Your Photos will be the last photo editing app you will ever need Photo Studio Plus works on all iOS devices so you just need to ...    11 MB    Views 1294

Secret Pics ++

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+24    Secret Pics ++ is a fully featured photo editor with photo security. Here are some of the amazing features: Add secret photos to password protected folder ✮ Apply Endless Effects (Vivid, Aqua, Strato, etc.) ✮ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photos ✮ Full HD ...    89 MB    Views 3482

Pic FX Editor

+13    Add special movie effects (FX) and turn an ordinary photo into an amazing pic, use “Pic FX Editor” Type of Effects: Explosion Sharks Space Attack Wizard School Ghost Town Features: Realistic FX like hollywood movies, etc. Eraser & Undo abilities to do ...    54 MB    Views 6749
add captions pic
-2    Add beautiful captions to your photos Ton of captions to choose from. Keeps adding daily from users. Add your own caption Over 100 amazing font styles. Add stroke, shadow, border, background and transparency to your captions. Add multiple captions on ...    27 MB    Views 3127

Auto Graffiti

-2    Create amazing graffiti from your photos Add graffiti text. Just take some random closeup pictures and process through AutoGraffiti to create your master piece Add stunning graffiti text to give it realistic look. Share on your Facebook, Twitter or save to ...    24 MB    Views 3296

Photo and Text

photos text photo add
-5    "Photo_Text" allows you to customize your photos using the following functions: Add text to photos, a name, a motto, what you want Edit photos from ten different filters Change the color of the frame Add date to photos Add your ...    2 MB    Views 2855


add effects
+28    PiccieLab is a FREE photo editor that allows you to add custom effects to your photos without giving up ownership to your creations. You can add multiple effects and save your images to your devices album or share via email ...    4 MB    Views 8157

Chicken Mouth

+15    Chicken Mouth Add a chicken beak to your mouth in your photos Add other animal mouths as well, pig, cow, goat, duck and monkey Share with email, Facebook and Twitter    19 MB    Views 5070


captions share add shoot
+3    Shoot your selfies with both cameras and share them with the rest of the world on the main social networks Add captions and have fun creating your own compositions Shoot photos, add captions, edit texts, share, save in the photo gallery ...    NAN    Views 857

Av Photo Editor

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+24    Av Photo Editor allows you to load photos from your photo library or take a picture with the camera and start editing the way you like it. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, blur some parts of your photo, add text, filter, ...    7 MB    Views 6963

Picture Edit

0    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS ++ Do you have a picture that you need to edit, make it look better, add some brightness, exposure,contrast,saturation and gamma? Or do you want to add some filter effects to make it look fun? Well ...    5 MB    Views 2558


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+5    Would you like to take a picture with Happiplayground?? You can decorate your favorite photos to make them cuter and share them with your friends easily. How to use Select your photo from album or take a photo. Add frame to your ...    11 MB    Views 4775

Ghosts!! +

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0    Ghosts is THE way to haunt your iPhone photos The most fun way to convince your friends that ghosts really exist Take or use an existing photo, add one or more ghosts, make them fade in and out and then add ...    5 MB    Views 8173
stickers pic add smile
+1    Take a pic and smile at it to add stickers to it.    44 MB    Views 208
-4    Turn your photos into comics. Add comic word balloons and thought bubbles to your photos. Even add comicstyle special effects text Wham    3 MB    Views 3184

Hair Booth!

0    Choose the style of hair you want Highlight features: Amazing hair styles for men and women. Add cool stickers Add cool text selecting the size, font & color & alignment. Share your new photos using Facebook, Twitter, Email. Save your photos ...    51 MB    Views 6718

Just add art!

+11    Just add art enables users to appropriate and play with artworks from the Bonnefantenmuseum’s collection, add them to their photographs and share their artaugmented photographs with family and friends.    13 MB    Views 4095

Dress Up: Pirates

pirate add
+3    Make yourself into a Pirate Add dozens of items to your own photos. Add in hats, shirts, pants, parrots, treasure chest, and much more It's fun to act like a pirate or make you and your friends pirates. For each item you ...    8 MB    Views 7151


photo add simply
+14    Welcome to CamCaption. Add captions to your photos or just simply take a photo and add a caption. Not only that, you also have the option to draw on your photo. Simply share your photo by a click of a button.    449 kb    Views 3564


photos add emojis
+28    Mojify is the easiest way to add and modify emojis onto your photos. Its extremely simple and fun to use. Current Features Include: Add emoji's from themes to photos. Drag, resize, and rotate the emojis. Add a customizable caption. Choose custom emojis ...    6 MB    Views 4892


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+12    Change photo appearance. Add different sticker, add text on photo with different fonts and different size, draw text.    38 MB    Views 7201

Chicken Mouth HD

mouth add
-8    Chicken Mouth HD Add a chicken beak to your mouth in your photos Add other animal mouths as well, pig, cow, goat, duck and monkey Share with email, Facebook and Twitter    45 MB    Views 3943


+7    Are you ready to photos to your taste ? SnapThat brings you simplest way to do it . SnapThat has a very powerful editor that gives different looks to your photos. Add frames, effects, enhance, sharpness and brightness Share them ...    22 MB    Views 9409


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+22    PicAgent is a fully featured photo editor with photo security This is the last photo editing app you will ever need Here are some of the amazing features: Add secret photos to vault Apply Endless Effects (Vivid, Aqua, Strato, etc.) Crop, ...    32 MB    Views 1926

Caption by Quo

-6    Caption by Quo is a fun way to add character to your photos. Snap a photo, add an effect, add a text caption overlay and share it with your friends and family    21 MB    Views 7070

Add Kitty

-3    Add Kitty to your photo. Keep your kitty in your photo any time any where. There are more than 190 cute kitty photos in this App. You can add these kitties into your photo easily and quickly.    23 MB    Views 7389

Snap Happy!

+21    Snap Happy is a simple, yet powerful, photo editor for all ages. You can easily: Enhance your image with tons of effects and filters Add a variety of different stickers Add customizable textwith lots of fonts, colors, and options to choose from Frame your pictureswith ...    73 MB    Views 4336
Related Apps photos hashtags add
+3    Positick allows you to add cool hashtags to your photos and add context to every moment. Pick a photo of your friends, family, favorite place or date and add hashtags like: Awesome, Pretty, Happy, Love and much more Enjoy all hashtags balloons ...    NAN    Views 4055

Miley Your Face

-5    Want to pretend you are on the VMA's but don't have the tongue for it? Simply choose a photo on your device, or use your camera to get the perfect Miley pose. Add your favorite pair of Miley lips and select ...    24 MB    Views 4123
-5    Add fun fonts to all of your favorite photos Enhance all your pictures with stylish fonts that you can stretch, bend, make see through, add reflections, and share with on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram    10 MB    Views 6448
text years add 2014
-5    Thanks for checking out the app, Happy New Year 2014 Choose a photo, add a frame with or without some New Years text. Then add some fireworks or champagne. Finally save it to your photos to text or share directly to Facebook or ...    9 MB    Views 6884
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+2    This app uses photos to represent alphabet letters, so you can create awesome photographic facebook statuses. FEATURES: Create stunning photographic messages and post to facebook in a few seconds Optionally add artistic frames You can add your own "fonts" using custom ...    16 MB    Views 7473


+2    Boring profile pictures? A thing of the past With STABILO PimpYourPic you can "pimp up" your photos Add quirky and cool objects like glasses, beards, picture frames and pouting mouths to your snap shots. And with virtual STABILO pens, you ...    27 MB    Views 2926

Cowboy Booth

+5    Add cowboy shirt and objects to you photo and share the results Cowboy Booth lets you pick or take a photo, add cowboy objects and post to Facebook / twitter or send by email    19 MB    Views 4230


Related Apps text meme add
+22    I can haz MemeText? MemeText is the fastest and easiest way to add memestyle text to any photo Now you can choose from a library of popular memes, add favorites from your camera roll, or create a new meme onthego. Quickly share ...    28 MB    Views 9767

Photo Extra

-5    Photo extra allows you to edit photo. Functions include: draw with pen add annotations add dialogues and thoughts (good for making fun with your friends) add border save photo and email to friends or post in Facebook    5 MB    Views 322

Word Art Camera

photos add
0    Add another layer to your alreadyfabulous pictures with this app. Add, edit and decorate your photos with over a bunch of stunning graphic overlays & artwork. Overlay your photos, add amazing typography, beautiful colored stickers, artworks & more ... It's a ...    23 MB    Views 1484


audio add message type
-2    Type a message, record audio messages, add photos with personal voice messaging Simple take a photo to your liking, proceed to add effects, add audio, type a message, see your feeds– that’s the simplicity of PVM follow us on    35 MB    Views 3873
Related Apps photo christmas add cover
+1    Create cover photo for this CHRISTMAS with amazing tools and features add photo edit with effects,frames,stickers,color control add text smooth gesture add border    11 MB    Views 8893

KEOIS free

Related Apps photo add
+28    KEOIS makes layering images easy. Select a photo, choose a blend filter, then add another photo. Add color gradients, shape masks, text, and draw with brush tools. Easily share to Facebook, Instagram, and Email.    17 MB    Views 890

Text Over Photos HD

Related Apps text photos share add
+7    Add beautiful text to your photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram. Create inspirational, informational or even funny images to share quickly and easily. In only a few seconds you can add captions, quotes, jokes, poems or ...    16 MB    Views 4247

Disaster Girl

disaster girl add
-1    Ever wanted to add the Disaster Girl Meme to your photos easily? This app allows you to add, move and resize Disaster Girl to either a new photo or one from your library. After you click save, you're ready to upload it ...    244 kb    Views 3109
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-9    Add fun fonts to all of your favorite photos Enhance all your pictures with stylish fonts that you can stretch, bend, make see through, add reflections, and share with on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram    10 MB    Views 6482

Pic Stamp Free

Related Apps photos location options add
+21    This is perfect for photos needed as evidence of the date and location it was taken. It is really easy, just take a picture and add your current location as well as the time and any label of your choosing. You can ...    4 MB    Views 4618
movies share change add
+27    Caption That Movies All the best Movie Quotes , ready to add to add to your photos or create your own Shake for random caption 100's of captions Change caption font Change caption colour Share with twitter Share via ...    2 MB    Views 9665

Doctor Pimple Lite

acne add fun
+12    Oh no There's no miracle cream for this kind of acne Looking for the funniest photo app out there? Look no more Wether you are looking to remember those dreaded acnefull teenage years or make fun of your friends; this app will ...    22 MB    Views 9497


Related Apps photo twitter send add
+5    Release your mobile, creative, inner spirit Express how you're feeling and what you're doing; connect with people in more than words… be poetic, be genuine, be your most interesting self; be a happier human Send is designed to be simple to use ...    12 MB    Views 625
Related Apps photos photo add draw
+3    This photo editing studio uses Aviary SDK 4.4.5 which is a fun and simple way to make beautiful photos in seconds. Features: » Enhance with HiDef, Scenery, Food, Portrait, and Night » Stylize with over 100 free and purchasable filters » Get creative with ...    9 MB    Views 1218
wedding photo dress add
+17    Wedding Dress help you Dress up Wedding on you photo. With over 40 dress for wedding. Features: Dress for wedding Add flowers Add text Save photo with hight quality and share it to Facebook, instagram    13 MB    Views 5447
Related Apps text instagram add features custom
-9    Create a stunning typography over your photos,Quotes ,Sayings .. in your custom Way .. Your Style .. many features make the app so unique .. Features: Many Custom Fonts for your Choice Great Text Editing options : Add as Many ...    16 MB    Views 5370

Photo Album ***

Related Apps photo photos add press
+7    Press on + to add photo albums Press on the camera button to add photos Click on the photos to enlarge them    2 MB    Views 1296
Related Apps photo add
-5    Make the photo special, add yourself to the photo. Then see who sees your photos.    6 MB    Views 2354


voice photos photo add
+8    Add voice or other exciting sounds to a photo at the time you take it or anytime after. Import photos from the Camera Roll. Add a personal touch to your photos with a voice caption. Document your projects by taking ...    4 MB    Views 2207


Related Apps photo text template save add
+22    This is an application for adding texts to photographs. Very easily and quickly. You can save the text Template. & How to use 1. Add a photo 2. Scale and move the photo 3. Add some text (or Load your template) 4. Drag your text around the ...    784 kb    Views 6184

Sketch DIY HD

sketch photo diy add
+14    Sketch DIY HD, you can sketch freely your photos into the one you like. No matter which styles you want, the app will meet you completely. What’s more, all you need do is just several steps Auto set the sketch style Add ...    17 MB    Views 4931
Related Apps photo collage add maker
-6    Photo collage Maker HD => Create HD Photo collage of your desire size. => Add border to your photo in different color. => Apply filer adjust brightness, saturation, contrast and many more with your photo. => Draw on photo and add text ...    65 MB    Views 5077


-2    Ever wanted to add the sad Keanu Meme to your photos easily? This app allows you to add, move and resize Keanu to either a new photo or one from your library. After you click save, you're ready to upload it to ...    160 kb    Views 4507
Related Apps text photos add
+10    Add beautiful 3D text effect to your photos. Choose from multiple fonts and colors for endless possibilities. Create, rotate, and position text in 3D space using intuitive interface. Share your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else.    1 MB    Views 8031
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