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+1    ON SALE 50% OFF With this app you can photograph performances without bothering the people around you. Change brightness of shooting screen Check brightness with second view Check surroundings when zooming with second view Focus and exposure locking The app ...    1 MB    Views 800
+7    Best Graphic Design App For Creative People IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS Photo Candy is a unique new app that allows you to add patterns on top of your photos & then mask them out. Full customization of colors & filters for the pattern, ...    89 MB    Views 9544

Portraits HD

-1    FEATURES More than 180 portraits Great people in history photos Save photo Slideshow Monthly update with more People & Photos Portraits list all great people photos The ability to save photos so you can use them as wallpaper or use ...    103 MB    Views 279


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+28    PEOPLE. PHOTOS. PLACES. Chillaxing is a location notification and photo sharing app that offers a convenient way to meet up with friends and share your life's Chillaxing moments. Features: Send alerts to let friends know where you are currently Chillaxing at Showcase your Chillaxing ...    24 MB    Views 5810
video dance people dancing photos animate characters pimp girl funny friends add
+4    This is the FIRST of it's kind. From the creators of Animate Me comes an incredibly twisted new app… "3D Animate Yourself" You've seen apps that allow you to take a face and put it on a dancing body, but never ...    88 MB    Views 1364
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-4    Amazing is photo with beautiful text That could be made with this app PixiTag Add color, choose font, or special effects And send it along to your dearest friends FEATURES Choose over hundred available fonts Pick any text color Set color for text background ...    13 MB    Views 7549


+2    Capture every moment of your wedding, holiday, or other event with the Fomo app Fomo is the FREE, fun, streamlined way to take photos and share moments with the people you care about... create an album, invite friends and family, ...    9 MB    Views 4198
photos photo people sketch flickr social drawing friends add albums colors funny share change control
+25    Pholeido lets you edit and apply special effects to a photo selectively with your chosen details and colors intact: convert the photo into black and white while keeping chosen details in colors, or blur it, turn it to a sketch ...    NAN    Views 5197


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-6    Findshoot Shoot and share your photos at a specific location. So you can easily share them with everybody Post photos at a specific location Search by Tag and /or location Best photo quality (960x960) and post YouTube movies Event calendar (Location and ...    15 MB    Views 2615
+1    A photographically documented journey through Cambodia. The photographs document the author’s experiences as he travelled through Cambodia and the wonderful people he met along the way. The App also includes additional video and background information about Cambodia’s people and culture.    307 MB    Views 3966
photo photos people work relationship connect add chat features countdown posted
-7    “A brilliant revolutionevolution in photo sharing and social interaction.“ “Goodbye likes: how many Connects can you attract?” Expreem, through an innovative concept to share photos, helps you to create a geosocial network whose features are progressively enriched depending on distance and countdown ...    16 MB    Views 4302


photos people capture plan share
+13    Kilka is the ultimate photo sharing app that enables you to plan, capture and share great nights out in real time by connecting you with likeminded people. Join our growing community and download our addictive free app now. PLAN Search all ...    6 MB    Views 1633


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+5    Private Social Albums. Automatically save Your photos in a private Cloud. Access all Your photos from anywhere. Automated arrangement of Your photos in manageable, time,place and people albums. Automatic sharing of Albums only to People You care about. Your closest friends can contribute to Your ...    7 MB    Views 7165
photos photo books family time personal library text people vacation add feed life share remember connect
+10    Every time you take a photo, you’re capturing a special, fleeting moment in life. Yarn is a new way to remember those momentsbig and small. Sync or upload your photos and Yarn will do the rest. DISCOVER Everyday, Yarn sends ...    17 MB    Views 5192


photos time people pictures perfect watch life real
+14    Be together with live pictures. As you snap photos, capturing glimpses of your daily life, watch them magically appear in front of your friends and people around the world — in real time. The pictures are unenhanced, real, and not always ...    9 MB    Views 419
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+15    Turn your friends into PUPPIES LIVE on your camera Look around a room and see people change into puppy dogs right before your eyes Or, select a photo and Puppygram will automatically change people into puppies for you You can even ...    56 MB    Views 8956
photos people likes instagram return coin feedback free
-7    Instantly get thousands of likes in Instagram Getlike for instagram lets you get more likes on your photos for free There's no trick As long as you'll like other photos, people will like your photos in return How to earn Likes? you can get ...    14 MB    Views 1812


people photos content post purple objectionable posting
+6    PurpleSnap is a social network for people who love the color purple. Take and share photos of anything purple. You can also compete against your friends or the world to see who can take the most purple themed photos. Try it and see ...    10 MB    Views 3095
-3    "In just one day, I got over 600 likes on my photos. This one really works" More Instagram Likes is your secret weapon to get tons of likes on your photos every day. It's FREE and there are NO ADS Get REAL likes ...    3 MB    Views 8321
photos photo people collage stand instaphoto free
+11    Are you ready to transform your photos and "WOW" your friends? It's time to show off and create beautiful collages with your photos. You can share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even via MMS. InstaPhoto Collage app will help you ...    377 MB    Views 5429


facebook twitter pinterest people photos personal family friends http world add stay
+11    Must is the ultimate free lifestyle photo recommendation app for discovering, capturing, and sharing new experiences across the world, right from your iPhone. Discover the newest, quirkiest and most offbeat places to eat, drink, stay, have, see and do all ...    26 MB    Views 9451
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-6    Pholeido lets you edit and apply special effects to a photo selectively with your chosen details and colors intact: convert the photo into black and white while keeping chosen details in colors, or blur it, turn it to a sketch ...    NAN    Views 1512


photo people love order add snap items
+4    Stockd reimagines the way we buy our groceries. Instead of being told what to make or having to pick from 40,000 options, you can order groceries in as little as 5 taps. We let you order groceries in a snap • Snap ...    8 MB    Views 3352
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-2    Famousgram is a magical app for getting more comments on Instagram. It gets you more comments while you discover & comment photos of other users. How It Works: 1. You comment other people's pictures to earn comments. 2. Use your comments to get REAL ...    16 MB    Views 7159


-1    WhiteSnap is a social network for people who love the color white. Take and share photos of anything white. You can also compete against your friends or the world to see who can take the most white themed photos. Try it and see ...    10 MB    Views 3613
photos people instagram likes real amount coins wow
-7    "Wow, that's the first app that really does what it says" Get Likes For Instagram is the best way to get tons of likes on your photos every day. It's FREE and there are NO ADS Get REAL likes from REAL people who ...    3 MB    Views 9086

21 September

love photo lovers library people facebook peace day add share support message sky
-5    Support “Love and Peace” is now by PICTURES Take a photo of Sky Add “Peace One Day” in 3 lines Send to us Share on facebook That is all you need to do for supporting the “Love and Peace”. We will put ...    5 MB    Views 233


-7    One of the best social games in AppStore Are you the most beautiful and popular person among your friends? Do you want to prove it? Let's see what people worldwide will say Or maybe you want to meet other girls ...    3 MB    Views 885
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+4    Daily Kiddo lets you share all your kid photos and videos with the people who really want to see every single one. Add a kid, invite your family to the album, and snap away For them, there's no more waiting ...    46 MB    Views 6131
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Rich Booth

Related Apps photo cat people library photos rich booth images ability
+4    The economy is down and unfortunately many of us cannot afford monocles, top hats, and the finest cigars. These items use to be attainable for only the wealthiest people of society, but now Rich Booth gives anybody the ability to ...    11 MB    Views 474


photos people camera share note life roll
+5    Share photos with the people nearby. Do not use it alone Our goal is to enhance reallife experiences, not create virtual ones. Simply capture and share moments with the people right there experiencing them with you. Perfect for parties, dorms, concerts, ...    14 MB    Views 1875
photos people captions including rate topics sort view funny
+4    ☛ Caption Funny Pictures and Get Rated ☛ Over 400 Photos (New photos added DAILY.) ☛ Over 10,000 Captions so far and counting ✓ Submit your own captions. ✓ Read and rate other people's captions. ✓ See ratings for all submitted captions, including your own. ✓ ...    1 MB    Views 2438
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+14    Anna Kazakova is a young and promising artphotographer from Russia. Her heroes are common people with their rich inner world, emotions, senses, moods, soul balance or plain hysterias – all of them are unique in their individuality. Author’s favourite – ...    11 MB    Views 2531


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+8    PhotoTell by Adaptitec is a fun and easy way to display and organize your favorite photos with audio captions. It lets you record a message for every picture and allows you to play it each time that photo is displayed. ...    11 MB    Views 8634

Pholeido For iPad

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+29    Pholeido lets you edit and apply special effects to a photo selectively with your chosen details and colors intact: convert the photo into black and white while keeping chosen details in colors, or blur it, turn it to a sketch ...    6 MB    Views 4904
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-9    KLIK is a new way of matching with people around you. With other dating apps, you’re never quite sure if the person your talking to is who they say they are. Or worse, they might not look like their profile ...    13 MB    Views 3776


+3    PanoEasy is the app for you to simply open, view and demonstrate panoramas of your own. Besides, you could also upload & share your panorama with people and follow others' update. Easily have your panoramas shared on Twitter, Facebook, or flickr by ...    6 MB    Views 7183


photos people camera photo time collection add auto save share event storage
+13    PicNut is a smartphone app that collects photos from all people at an event. With great features that automate the sharing and saving of photos amongst a group, PicNut is ideal for holidays, weddings, birthdays or even just a night ...    13 MB    Views 2623
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+11    Picthy provides a new fun form of connecting instantly with new and interesting people near your local area through the use of photos. Just take a picture of something you like and send it. You’ll receive replies based on what you ...    11 MB    Views 9391
photo photos people remove unwanted objects
+17    ====== THE MAC VERSION IS ALSO AVAILABLE NOW ======== Photo Heal & Inpaint help you to remove any unwanted objects or people from your photos 

Main Reasons to use Photo Heal & Inpaint: Repair old photos Remove watermarks 
 Remove unwanted objects ...    4 MB    Views 7114


people instagram guess
+22    Are you a fan of Instagram? You know well the people you follow? Prove it in this simple game Guess who is the author of every picture of all people you are following. Try to guess the maximum possible in order to ...    9 MB    Views 1171
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+7    Make your own collages, photos, and more on Muzy. Over 20 million people use Muzy as the free, allinone way to share their creative side. Instantly share to Facebook and Instagram or just save it for later. Muzy combines your favorite ...    35 MB    Views 989


photos people local
-9    What's happening around you? ϟ Take a photo ϟ Add a caption ϟ Broadcast it to the people near you If your neighbours like what they see, your reach will increase, allowing you to send photos to more and more people. ϟ Vote on photos ...    17 MB    Views 1207


photos people photo send long notifications friends
0    Snaptagram, a private and secure Instant Photo Messaging app. A unique new way to share and experience photos with friends. Send and receive photos instantly. You choose how long friends can see your photos. Complete privacy and security. Send photos anonymously ...    8 MB    Views 2944
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+4    Create old photos of you or of your friends and family. You can go back in time with Vintage People and feel like a sir or a lady, a gentleman, a circus entertainers, a sailor or a soldier, an artic ...    59 MB    Views 9614
photos people share
0    Shoot moving photos with Chinchin and share them everywhere • Our animated camera makes your photos look alive. • Faster than video, better than still photos. • Share your creations and get the likes you crave from new people. People you know can’t see ...    30 MB    Views 2677


people photos videos party hashtag access
-8    Create a group or party using a hashtag for people to come together (without registration , only its name) and share videos, photos, audio and messages through the app . Ideal for parties or events where attendees do not know each ...    1 MB    Views 6705
twitter people photos email manga balloon maker balloons share application
+28    If this application combines with Instagram etc., it will become still more pleasant application. □─────────────────────□ MANGA BALLOON MAKER □─────────────────────□ Manga Balloon Maker is simply the quickest and easiest way to caption photos with mangastyle speech or thoughtballoons, then share the results with friends and ...    4 MB    Views 1422


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+2    Finally get notified of new Instagram photos as they are taken Instablast lets you know when your favorite Instagrammers post new photos. Set up push notifications to alert you when new stuff appears in your feed. Following lots of people but only ...    8 MB    Views 883

TouchRetouch HD

photos photo people remove easy image picture buildings
+26    TouchRetouch HD is a revolutionary application that lets you remove unwanted content or objects from your photos, using just your finger and iPad. Mark the items you want taken out of the snapshot and hit ‘Go’. That’s all there is ...    21 MB    Views 7768
photo photos creativity people art creative candy add shapes patterns pro pattern shape
-7    "The 1 Graphic Design App For Creative People" IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS Photo Candy Pro is a unique new app that allows you to add patterns on top of your photos & then mask them out. Full customization of colors & filters for ...    89 MB    Views 9381


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+2    Strudel collects and organizes all the photos taken by different people into one private album. It works with both smart phones and digital cameras, and it's the perfect solution for birthdays, weddings and corporate parties. What makes Strudel new and shiny: ● ...    9 MB    Views 7516


people recording voice names details viewed add
+23    Do you meet many people, either professionally or socially, but wish that it was easier to remember their names? Autographer makes remembering names quick and easy Autographer (a cross between autograph and photographer) is an application specifically designed to associate faces with ...    369 kb    Views 5388
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+1    Do you want to know who's partying at your house when you're not home? Want to see what others are ordering from the menu at your favourite restaurant? Are you curious to know what fashionistas wear in Abu Dabi? Are there any difference ...    2 MB    Views 9885


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+3    PicStroom is a beautiful application that makes following images from websites easy and engaging. PicStroom takes your favourite websites and transforms their published pictures into a "picture stream" that you can browse with truly amazing speed. Tap on a picture to ...    3 MB    Views 489
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+6    Turn your friends into cats, LIVE on your camera Everyone can be a kitty Or add cats to your photos with ease It'll even automatically change people in your old photos into cats Add speech bubbles and captions, draw on your photos, ...    45 MB    Views 2969


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+20    Sometimes, a broken old photos, brought back a soulstirring dream, people eyes sank, rolling past could not bear to see. Some people love free to photograph, into a distant sunset there. Do you want your own pictures have traces of ...    13 MB    Views 7578


photos people
-7    The Frandz app pulls all of your memories and photos the people close to you. It curates photos from Instagram and Facebook to show you your relationships with the people who matter in your life, and lets you easily download ...    11 MB    Views 4616
magazine people text photo gossip celebrity cover add templates magazines fame filters world
0    Introducing Cover Me become a front cover star in your own personal magazine Cover Me puts you on the cover of “world famous” magazines, mixed up with creative headlines and the craziest covers Become a Hollywood star, the Person of ...    93 MB    Views 5115
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