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Filter It!

+24    Dozens of stunning effects for your gallery, camera and Facebook photos. Are not you tired of the same old boring filters? We are. So we built the most impressive collection of photo effects No other application is not even close ...    14 MB    Views 2701

Photo Sweets

+14    ====================================== "If this app does not become the 1 photo app within weeks, I won’t understand the world any longer (not that I do today anyway)" ====================================== visit: for a tutorial video Turn your average photos into sweet images with Photo ...    72 MB    Views 6420
+12    Make paintings better than Picasso FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME. DOWNLOAD NOW Turn any photo into unique art with the best realistic oil painting filter app in the App Store, and share it on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and everywhere. Everything with LIVE ...    3 MB    Views 7802

Filter Splash

+23    Filter Splash let you apply dramatic effects on your photos Simply use your finger as brush to remove or bring back the filter image from regions of your photo. ✓ Review "Filter Splash Review Creating a beautiful photo that will blind people's ...    3 MB    Views 9024

Camera Censor

camera censor filter image images censored finger
+4    Precision censoring of your images to give you the privacy that you need when sharing photos. Have complete control over which parts of an image are visible versus censored. Features include: censor anything by dragging your finger over area, including faces ...    5 MB    Views 8892


Related Apps photo filter tap
+3    This camera app creates 8bit game console(NES) like photos. Tap a person or cat to filter and tap backgrounds in photo.It photo will filter. You can adjust dotsize and colorparameter.    10 MB    Views 2136

Longtime Pro

Related Apps time filter pro
-4    LongTime Pro is a tool for photographer who uses neutral density filter (nd) for capturing long time exposures. Determine the exposure time without attached filter. Calculate the exosure time for your NDfilter with LongTime.    3 MB    Views 8580
Related Apps photo filters albums filter effects easy
-5    Easy Filter Photo Albums allows you to pick any photos stored on your iPhone and apply filters to it. Create new albums Fix improperly applied filters See your filter effects before you choose them Mix different filters for different effects ...    277 kb    Views 6201


0    Tuaw called PopAGraph "A clever iOS photo app" Appadvice voted PopAGraph Best app of the day CultOfMac called PopAGraph "A fun masking app for iPhoneographers: with a twist" MacNewsWorld called PopAGraph "A crisp, fast little app [that] dazzles with a little 3D magic" Still ...    60 MB    Views 5362
+27    Free for very limited time. Download now Millions of users love to edit pictures and add frames, collages and cool effects Join Picture Plus now. One of the best photo editing and photo collage app. Create unique and wonderful photo collages with Picture ...    27 MB    Views 7391


Related Apps photos filter effects special pictures
-4    OilPalette allows you to convert your pictures and photos into oil paintings. This app applies a special filter effect to give your pictures that look of having been painted with a brush. In addition this app also includes up to 24 filter ...    16 MB    Views 5152

Filter Minus

-4    Custom photo filter generating app.    917 kb    Views 6611
Related Apps photo camera photos text add filter effect effects beautiful filters texture
0    Crazy about taking photos and look different from crowd?? Photo Filter Camera Effects fulfill your needs.Try Photo Filter Camera Effects and make your memories more Beautiful. Key Features =>Take photo with the filter Camera. =>Edit your photo with different filters(Adjustment,Distort,Sketch,Texture,Blur). =>Add Multiple effect on ...    28 MB    Views 2021

My Rain

photos rain filter rainy
+18    This is app that you can make your photos rainy. Let's try and make your photos nicely decorated with rain. ●Feature ・Rainy Filter ・Cloudy Filter ・Window of raindrops    11 MB    Views 167
photo camera photos text add filter effect texture beautiful filters erase
+27    Crazy about taking photos and look different from crowd?? Photo Filter Camera Fx Plus fulfill your needs.Try Photo Filter Camera Fx Plus and make your memories more Beautiful. Key Features =>Take photo with the filter Camera. =>Edit your photo with different filters(Adjustment,Distort,Sketch,Texture,Blur). =>Add Multiple ...    26 MB    Views 1376

Image Effects Free

Related Apps library image apply effects filter
+17    "Image Effects" allows you to create amazing pictures, which are created in a few steps: select image from your photo library or take picture from camera and apply one or many of available filters then save it to library. "Image Effects" ...    498 kb    Views 8982
Related Apps photo share filter
-5    Bas Relief is a simple photo filtering application that makes your photos look as if they are carved in stone. Make your memories even more timeless Easily filter images and share them using the built in iOS share system.    2 MB    Views 5341

Bizarre Camera

camera video photo support preview filter
+8    Bizarre Camera is a small tools for taking photo or video. It can apply live filters to photos and videos with a full effect preview even before shooting. Key features: Filter the photo or video preview in real time Filter support: Contrast ...    5 MB    Views 2610
+14    Noah Camera Express Yourselfie. Show Yourselfie. Express yourself with Noah Camera's 100+ beautifying filters. Show your selfies to your friends Noah Camera is the easiest way to share your selfies on Messenger. How to Use Noah Camera: 1. Pick a realtime filter You have hundreds of ...    23 MB    Views 7134
Related Apps photo text school friends add album create stickers choose filter contrast
-1    Everyone has friends and now you have a great opportunity to please them. With Forever Friends Photo Album you can create unique collages, like school albums or photo books. You can edit any photo: change the contrast, add a filter ...    19 MB    Views 8274
Related Apps photo photos filter friends
+3    ===== FiveStar Recommendation ===== · Design for iOS7, More Cool. · Goddess boudoir exclusive secret weapon, no longer need professional Photo tool.Onekey operation, · It's amazing and convinent that shareing photos to your friends on QQ, micro message, circle of friends, let the ...    13 MB    Views 6028


photos twitter creations filter application
+6    Free for a limited time FilterHarida is a photo filter application that adds various fun effects to your photos. You need to have photos in your device to enjoy this application. Features : Select a filter and see the effect applied quickly ...    790 kb    Views 2727

MC Cam

Related Apps photos videos filter
+9    See the world in new vision You can choose from black&white, sepia and color modes to shoot the best photos and videos Furthermore you can enable special pixel filter Try 50/50 pixelisation mode wich allows to compare subjects with and ...    5 MB    Views 147
Related Apps photo facebook editing twitter photos camera tap option filters editor share filter ultra add
+22    The Ultra Photo Filter FX Editor have the most incredible range of photo filters and effects you can get for your iPhone. This Camera Effects App has awesome new features to edit your photos. You get a ton of amazing color ...    26 MB    Views 5235

Filter Splash HD

+1    Filter Splash let you apply dramatic effects on your photos Simply use your finger as brush to remove or bring back the filter image from regions of your photo. ✓ Review "Filter Splash Review Creating a beautiful photo that will blind people's ...    5 MB    Views 303
cartoon camera filter
+13    PixelToon Cartoon Camera Filter App Cartoon Camera Filter App is an amazing camera and photo app that creates cartoon effect like photography with your camera. Features "Effects": Cartoon Pencil Sketch Toon Dots Halftone Crosshatch Swirl Pixellate Emboss Save your creations and ...    3 MB    Views 5920


Related Apps videos person time filter add easy free filters
+27    With the UberBooth, creating hilarious videos is at your fingertips The UberBooth provides a fun, easy and interactive way to produce lolinducing films in realtime. Indeed, you can edit and manipulate your videos directly while you shoot by using one ...    8 MB    Views 4603


+13    Perfect your photos in a snap with the new Snapseed 2.0. This app brings to your mobile device the power and control of professional photo editing software, previously only available on the desktop. Now with the tap of a finger ...    35 MB    Views 8619
Related Apps photos photo film blur border instagram create add filter background effect
+12    Blur Border is the simplest and fastest way to blur the borders of your photos. Just ONE click to add blurry backgrounds to your photos. Want more creativity? Blur Border allows you to add your own photo as the background or ...    79 MB    Views 4906


navigation 165 filters filter color wheel
+5    Color with emotion It’s a simple way to find the best filter for your photos. Add your own feelings to the pictures on your iPhone. 165 Filters 14 colorbased filter groups. 165 filters with emotions Wheel Navigation A brand new innovative wheel navigation As ...    29 MB    Views 5684

Vintage Looks

videos photos music video time images add cool vintage lenses filter change
+15    HIGH QUALITY EFFECTS REAL TIME FILTERS ______________________________________________ Make your videos and images look cool and nostalgique with Vintage Looks. Play videos in real time and ...    36 MB    Views 8282
Related Apps photos frames share instantly instagram decorate effects filter add layouts
-8    Combine multiple photos into ONE FRAMED & CAPTIONED photos. Then instantly share them into Instagram. It allows you to arrange your photos with various creative layouts and frames. It enables you to add captions to the photos. It also lets you decorate your photos ...    17 MB    Views 6417
Related Apps photo filter heart instagram
+3    Share your Forever Fest selfies with this special Instagram "heart" photo filter Features View full Forever Fest lineup. Purchase tickets to individual screenings and events. Custom heart photo frame filter, shareable on Instagram.    1 MB    Views 5647
photo camera blur view effects filter mode
-4    Blur Filter adds blur effects to the selected area of image. All you need to do is just selecting a photo from albums or taking one with builtin camera instantly, and start adding blur effects on it. MODE SELECTION : =============== + Normal ...    32 MB    Views 2088
photo tone image add cool filter lab focus color stickers
-2    Take your average pictures and create awesome pictures with this hi tech photo filter lab Add cool filters, pixelate or posterize your photo using one of the many effects, adjust contrast and add funny text with a huge selection of ...    14 MB    Views 7993
Related Apps photo blurred focus view filter share
-1    Best blurred effect photo filter app. Focus quickly from blurred area.Easy to focus and share editing photo to social site . Basic blurred feature : 1. normal mode view 2. circle view 3. band view Share option : 1. save to camera roll 2. Facebook 3. Twitter 4. Email 5. Flickr 6. ...    32 MB    Views 1789
Related Apps photo effects filter simple
+12    Our promise is simple with this app you get the most amazing collection of photo filters and effects, available on the App Store. Beautifully designed, artistic and awe inspiring It's a real filterbooth Enhance your photos or simply have play with ...    2 MB    Views 9008
+3    Photo Editor is a awesome photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos. Main Features: Photo Editor: 12+ Photo Filter Effects: Clyde, Avenue, Haas, Arizona, Lucky, Dean, Keylime, Boardwalk, Marie, Sage, Metropolis, Cruz ...    48 MB    Views 5497


filter gradient
-3    This app is the camera that take strange photos such as Japanese "Byoubu/Folding screen" picture. Kind of photograph is vertical divide / horizontal divide / 2 × 3 divide. And filter is a multicolor gradient / blackandwhite gradient / ...    5 MB    Views 4701
image filter night processing run real
+13    Image Intensification Filter Image intensification work on the principle of magnifying the amount of received photons from various natural sources such as starlight or moonlight. It is image Processing Apps like Night vision, you can use photo (or camera) but it is not run ...    530 kb    Views 3217
Related Apps share filters perfectly picture filter
-7    Now sharing wonderful moments by using filter camera is as easy as winking. By using rich prefilters you can turn your daily life into art works, and share with your friends and family. Functions 1 .100% free photo processing filters 2. Simple one ...    6 MB    Views 9177

PopAGraph Pro

twitter facebook art frame image add color instagram frames filter
+22    Tuaw called PopAGraph "A clever iOS photo app" Appadvice voted PopAGraph Best app of the day CultOfMac called PopAGraph "A fun masking app for iPhoneographers: with a twist" MacNewsWorld called PopAGraph "A crisp, fast little app [that] dazzles with a little 3D magic" Still ...    45 MB    Views 4195
Related Apps videos photos filter live record
0    The new way of capturing videos and photos. Record live videos using stunning filters on the fly while recording No need to edit the video or photo after it has been taken. Simply choose a filter, and start "Kapturing"    4 MB    Views 8686

Vintage Feeling

film photos filter add unique tap feeling preset
+19    Generative film emulsions just a tap away. Add unique film tones for your photos. After careful analysis of film emulsions, we have created a digital filter generator which mimics subtle changes in film emulsions during processing. Just tap to generate a ...    5 MB    Views 2011
Related Apps comic photo iphone halftone masks add studio effects share filter
+4    Transform yourself or your friends into superheros or villains. Comic Studio lets you easily and quickly create comic style photos with halftone effect. Take a new picture or select a photo from the album and add masks, comic effects, and apply halftone ...    17 MB    Views 2557
Related Apps camera live filter easy swipe filters
+1    Filter Live Camera, the revolutionary camera app is out on sale The easytouse interface lets you capture photos in an instant Live camera preview 66 builtin filters in 8 categories Easy, swipegesture navigation for filters and menu Use your creativity and colorise ...    49 MB    Views 1258


Related Apps instagram remove filter
-4    See what's behind the Instagram magic Have you ever been curious how Instagram photos look without filters? Find Out Now Download Meotar. Meotar offers smooth and clean Instagram feed experience with the ability to remove applied photo filter. Notes: You must have Instagram ...    14 MB    Views 6993
photos photo filter instantly haunted
+4    Make your photos instantly terrifying with this unique photo filter It is easy to use and provides hours of entertainment. Scare your friends and family with your haunted photos now You can also share any photos you create instantly on ...    4 MB    Views 3329
Related Apps photo darkroom filter effects
0    THE PHOTO EFFECTS POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS Darkroom See has 320 original filters. Each filter was inspired by the best filter around the world and carefully crafted to make your photo stand out, the process is so simple and enjoyable, it will ...    19 MB    Views 433
camera photos effect effects apply filter easily
-2    "Effects Camera" will be able to apply the effect to filter your favorite photos selected from the album and photos taken of you easily. Effects you can choose from six. I can select the effect of popular "gray", "sepia", "monochrome", "mosaic", "negative" ...    4 MB    Views 6172
photo beauty filter sticker application stickers
+4    Explanation Beauty Photo & Sticker apply a filter to the photo, and you can create photo sticker application. Dwaeteumyeo from the default filter that includes a variety of filters to make photos look funny stickers. Point 16 Of the basic filter and application filter Brightness, ...    11 MB    Views 2251

Multi-Lens Cam

Related Apps people time photo creative pictures real filter shoot
+22    By one person,you can become two people. You can also by two people into four people. As long as you are creative enough, you can shoot more fun photo. Builtin realtime filter, you can see the effect in real time. The different ...    6 MB    Views 5590

Camera Filter+

Related Apps camera photos editing photo gorgeous filter share
0    Camera Filter+ is a simple way to make and share gorgeous photos on your iPhone and gives you control over the photo editing process. Pick from one of several gorgeous filtered effects and quickly share your photos to the Camera Roll, Facebook ...    18 MB    Views 4043
wallpaper wallpapers world support ios add pro blur filter countries
-8    World Scenic collects the most beautiful photos of the hot places in the world. Optimised the UI design for iOS 7 & iPhone 5(s/c). Add Blur filter to make wallpaper for iOS 7. Pro version, NO ADS, NO LIMITS. ※ Features ...    4 MB    Views 6753

Multi-Lens Cam Pro

people time photo creative shoot pictures filter real
0    Statement:Thanks for dear Tmk33399's feedback very much, let us promptly identify the bug and fix it. Everyone's support let us do better.Thank you... Back to the topic: By one person,you can become two people. You can also by two people into ...    8 MB    Views 2578

Cam Pas

photograph contrast adjustment function share brightness filter
+2    Anyone can easily use a filter for a photograph. The email transmission of the image is possible, too A share is possible with the photograph which is finished with a filter Brightness, chroma, contrast adjustment are possible I bring a change to your photograph A ...    1 MB    Views 3699


photos perfect filters filter
+5    Having a hard time deciding which filters to use with all your photos? Swipesight provides a hundred of filters that help you to perfect your photos in bulk. Just one click on the filter and its effect will be immediately applied ...    67 MB    Views 5523

Camera with FX

camera photo fast save filter
+6    Camera with FX is an enhanced camera app with live filter. Using this app, you could instantly use different filter to camera previewing the result photo. Features: Many real time filters Full size filtered photo save Fast, fast and fast Simple and ...    3 MB    Views 2103
Related Apps photo troll memes funny add filter
+21    A REALLY SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL APP With "Troll Memes" you can make funny photo with your friends according to meme style. You can: Make a lot of special photos with more than 250 troll faces. Add filter to photo with 15 nice ...    24 MB    Views 7464

Simple Photo Filter

Related Apps photo simple filter
+15    The is a simple photo editing tool where you can add filter to the photos. Enjoy    1 MB    Views 5834
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