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+4    If a picture is worth a thousand words…what is a talking photo worth? It’s Priceless Now you can put words into someone else’s mouth PhotoTalk is the new the “talk of the town” Make your still photos “talk” in several different ways: 1. Create ...    29 MB    Views 653


+29    Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr users can share their photos safely applying censorship to their faces or other areas of the photo. Send images to your friends with blur or other filters applied to the picture. Awesome censor pro filters ready to ...    13 MB    Views 4016
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0    This app is designed for children who are 811 years old, elementary science teachers, and anyone interested in photography This is truly an educational application. The app contains photographs that pertain to life science on an elementary level. Each photograph ...    14 MB    Views 1221

DiabolClick english

+4    Photograph your friends and let your mobile device TELL THEM its… ehm… naked opinion to the unaware victims. And if you are in a crowded place where noises could cover your audio, do not be afraid we thought of everything. What do ...    9 MB    Views 4744
photo camera video audio iphone twitter digital content episodes pro story tips
-4    Bringing you the latest episodes of The Digital Story‚ along with plenty of bonus content. In addition to the weekly show, you'll enjoy special features such as: PDF documents‚ featuring pro photo tips Exclusive audio and video content Following the ...    8 MB    Views 2309
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0    If a picture is worth a thousand words…what is a talking photo worth? It’s Priceless Now you can put words into someone else’s mouth PhotoTalk is the new the “talk of the town” PhotoTalk will make your still photos “talk” in several different ...    29 MB    Views 6613


audio photos video twitter record clips share leave great
-4    Since the earliest cave paintings thousands of years ago, humans have wanted to record what's going on around them, and in doing so leave a trace of their presence. Imprints gives you a modern way to record where you've been ...    15 MB    Views 5548


photo camera audio voice share record roll choose
-3    Takoo is the infinitely fun and simple way to combine a photo and audio into one file that you can instantly share. Create a Takoo by taking a photo with your iPhone or choose an existing photo from your camera roll. ...    5 MB    Views 2201
+2    Video Merge:Movie Maker lets you to record a video or choose and merge your favorite video(s), add audio to it and share it to your loved ones. If you don't want to add audio then simply press the Merge and Save ...    13 MB    Views 4636


photo avatar audio post pan swipe menu uploading update
+7    PAN also known as Hashpan is a simple, yet fullyfeatured rich mobile client for the (ADN) social network. Version 2.0.0 : Totally new layout and menu options. Inline multimedia embedding. New interface It's flatter. Swipe to the ...    14 MB    Views 6737
video audio music photos text background square add options instagram beautiful effects songs
0    [Vid Square] is the next generation square video maker for Instagram and Vine with tons of unqiue and amazingly unqiue options With [Vid Square], you can turn your portrait/landscape videos into square ones without cropping them. Highly adjustable layouts, unlimited background ...    76 MB    Views 5695

Ez Vid Create

video audio videos facebook camera email time voice add multiple edit order easily youtube overlays
-3    Ez Vid Create enables you to create, edit and share videos. Combine multiple videos together in any order. Change the playback order easily. Add a song, or add multiple songs. Insert a voice recording anywhere. Add video overlays. Position multiple ...    21 MB    Views 1873


baby family pregnancy audio photo book feature choices experience friends
-4    MyBabyBook: Pregnancy brings a whirlwind of emotions for expectant Moms and Dads. MyBabyBook gives the gift of memory, allowing parents to digitally record every treasured moment from conception up to and through the first 18 months after the birth of their ...    67 MB    Views 409


audio capture seconds stamps share boards
+16    Stampboard lets you create interactive boards with photos, audio & videos you capture to share with others. Share just about anything, discover and follow what you love. Capture images, record up to 30 seconds of audio & 15 seconds of video in ...    2 MB    Views 5154

Selfie Share!

photos audio photo record great give voices easily share
+1    Record voices for your selfies, and make your photos more memorable. Audio adds great fun to a visual image Various use cases for recording audio: Always forgot where we visited when traveling? Audio is an easy way to give remarks Recap group photos ...    10 MB    Views 8552


photos audio family social photo feed add network life
+3    Bring your photos to life with sound and emotion, an audio photo social network Add an up to 10 second audio soundtrack to each photo you take through SnapShout. Invite your friends and family to become a part of your circle, ...    23 MB    Views 748


audio library photo movie message strip pictures send maximum size mail
-1    Photos Strip is a simple application, which allow you to create a movie strip with pictures from the photo library, add a message audio and send both files by email. 1. Choose the pictures from the Photo library (6 maximum). The ...    378 kb    Views 8665


+18    Make Photos a meaningful part of your business with the PhotoB With the PhotoB photos become a meaningful part of your business. Send photos with audio and text notes to cut time and costs. Effectively collaborate on projects, improve safety, and ...    7 MB    Views 2881
videos photos iphone video text audio tools transitions effects great
+25    Simple and powerful, Splice is the best video editor for your iPhone and iPod Touch Easily create videos and slideshows, with no length limits, watermarks, or ads. Includes free filters, songs, sound effects, text overlays, transitions, and precise editing tools. ...    20 MB    Views 8725
audio tour music action bon player david customizable
-8    Jon Bon Jovi and select members of the crew narrate this exclusive audio tour of Bon Jovi's soldout 20102011 world tour, 144 dates that began in Hawaii and ended in Portugal. Swipe through a special collection of Jon's favorite photographs ...    152 MB    Views 3249


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+17    Events, is an application which helps you to organize (by creating events) and share material such as notes, photos, videos and audio recorded using your mobile device. An event has title, notes, creation date, modification date, author, is assigned to ...    2 MB    Views 1663


family audio stories
-9    Kinoke wants you to Celebrate Life Kinoke is an App that encourages families to capture and share irreplaceable family stories through photos, videos, audio recordings, and documents. Kinvite family and friends to leave video, audio, or text comments creating stories ...    101 MB    Views 5049
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+3    Want to make a video using images and audio from your iPhone library? if yes then download this app and make a slideshow from your best image and also best mp3 file. And upload video on youtube,dropbox,Facebook. Steps to use: 1)Pic image from your ...    8 MB    Views 8441
+2    Add a true personal touch to this year's Christmas greetings by recording and sharing your own version of a classic Christmas carol. Features: Choose from nine traditional carols. Sing along and record with easytouse audio controls and effects. Add a photo ...    92 MB    Views 332
work audio natural brown photographs park bears
-7    In search of the brown bear Photographs of wild brown bears in Spain. Andoni Canela takes us to the Cantabrian mountains and the Pyrenees to meet wild brown bears at their natural habitat via rich multimedia content: photographs, field notes, videos, ...    272 MB    Views 4086
video videos text music photo audio designers add effects sound choose adding
-1    "VidLab is the most fun you'll have with video on an iPhone" VidLab is a multitrack, multiclip video editor that allows you to easily create beautiful & fun videos & photo stories by adding text, artwork, music, video & sound effects, ...    36 MB    Views 7660


+2    A multimedia people pocket for your iPhone • Photos, Video and Audio of each of your friends • Create multiple pockets for family, teams, etc • With a choice of 30 great pocket textures Can't wait till Friday to see your mates again? Well ...    48 MB    Views 8343
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+29    InstaVideo+ is all about how to turn your multiple photos and videos into one single video artwork video collage and video slideshow. Create awesome video collage and video slideshow within just a few seconds with tons of layouts, endless options, ...    38 MB    Views 7397


photos family audio photo clips slider group member
+2    The FamBook App provides for the viewing, listening, and management of cloud based family album photos, annotations, and audio clips. A mode is provided for use by small children, whereby they can zoom and spin photos of themselves and their ...    3 MB    Views 6480

Video Reverse Pro

video audio reverse
-4    Video Reverse : 1.Select video from photo library or Take camera any video . 2.Convert to reverse video (Video only reverse not audio). 3.if you want ignore audio selected mute button 4. Enjoy with Video Reverse App and Share it. Reverse mode It looks amazing ...    428 kb    Views 737
photos photo music audio twitter chef facebook laser fun friends pro add cool effects
+14    ••• This is probably the best laser sword generator for your photos in the app store. Top ten in multiple countries.••• REALLY COOL Have fun with your friends recreating star battles scenes. Add laser effects, fires or laser beam in your photos ...    10 MB    Views 5033

Mukurtu Mobile

software audio videos photos mobile content site community support add
+6    Mukurtu Mobile allows users to add stories to Mukurtu CMS, a content management system and community archive designed with indigenous communities needs in mind. With Mukurtu Mobile you can create content onthego and upload media to your own Mukurtu CMSpowered site, ...    11 MB    Views 2394
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+7    Add Background Music To Your Vine and Instagram Videos Add any iTunes song to your recorded videos to create amazing clips to post on Instagram and Vine Easy and Quick to Use: Step 1: Select your video from your device’s photo album. Step 2: ...    9 MB    Views 1943
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+19    Powerlessness, vitality, love, aggression, expression... > Play is about what it is like to be young, anywhere and in all eras. For three years the Rotterdam photographer Carel van Hees turned his camera on the youth of Rotterdam. He focused on ...    201 MB    Views 6923


photos photo audio sound add play effects record
+23    PixKix offers a novel way to share your photos in a highly musical and entertaining manner. Now you can add an interactive or plain soundbite to your photos before you share them so people can see AND hear them. Actually they ...    11 MB    Views 6101
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-7    0.99 for a Limited Time Only Looking for an All Purpose Secure Camera App for your iPhone? Well you found it SecureSnap allows you to take photos, video and audio all to a secured gallery that is password protected This app ...    7 MB    Views 5709


+17    Camarazzo offers an allinone solution for your visual evidence collection and data security. It takes your photos and videos and protects them using quick dissemination and stealth. Handheld or handsfree operation (for example, on a car windshield or tripod). Portrait ...    9 MB    Views 2299
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+4    Easter is one of the best times of the year when families get together to snap photos and capture amazing memories. This photo app will help you capture amazing photos and add audio messages to your photo creations. It also ...    43 MB    Views 9819
movie movies camera music facebook frame library audio creative ipad stop motion export create add frames choose
+26    Get Stop Motion Studio Pro, the world’s easiest app to get you into stop motion moviemaking today All features already included. As seen on Apple's TV commercial “Life on iPad.” Stop Motion Studio: Check out the buzz... "This app has lots of attractive ...    36 MB    Views 4761
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-6    Share the magic moments of when you and the love of your life united as one with the photo app that allows you to photoshop, edit, add background, cut into pictures, add filters and add audio to your photos. Make every ...    54 MB    Views 7898
audio share view experiences picture
+6    Picio captures a photo and records sound, so you can remember and share the experiences in a fun and unique way. Picio turns your memories into shareable experiences. Easily share your Picios with friends in the app, through email, text, ...    3 MB    Views 2512
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+13    “I’ve backpacked across Europe and kept track of my progress by taking pictures of everywhere I go and everything I see. Appture helped me tell a story of what I did by showing my friends and family the pictures I ...    61 MB    Views 7297
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+6    Become a Beanstalker Beanstalk connects you to publicly accessible media from all across the Internet, including audio, video, digital photos, live cameras and video streams, digitized books and graphic animations. Sources are podcast feeds, media blogs, media galleries, video and ...    2 MB    Views 377


photos videos audio box send support cloud easy notes
0    NOTE: There's currently a problem with uploading to Box. I'm working on a fix and hope to have it up soon. A Dropbox or Box account is required to use this app. Have you ever wanted an easy way to ...    4 MB    Views 4804


recording camera audio video web record light site
+27    The BlueWi recording app allows wireless recording through our Nighthawk Bluetooth Multifunctional Microphone. Record audio to video or audio only hands free, no cables. This is the perfect app for a one man operation. Professional feature like optional zoom and ...    4 MB    Views 3489
photo christmas photos holiday camera audio winter add amazing built cut
+13    Celebrate Christmas memories and share special moments with this amazing photo app, just in time for the Holidays Wow Amazing BuiltIn Audio Recorder To Add A Voice Message To Your Photos Choose From 7 Deluxe Christmasthemed Frames FullFeatured, Powerful Photo App Instantly Add HolidayThemed ...    15 MB    Views 6361
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+11    i Get… My Classmates Photo Books is an application offering picture, text and audio support to individuals learning about their classmates at school. Title, text statements and audio recording can be individualized for each picture allowing the app to be ...    26 MB    Views 3639
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+5    If you liked Planet of Apes...You are going to laugh out loud when you see your friends' faces as if they were monkeys. Impress your family and friends Now you don't need to be a Photoshop master or a latex magician ...    16 MB    Views 759
camera photo audio video share roll seconds
+18    15s is a simple and fast way to narrate a photo and share it as a video. Transform your photos into audio narratives to share with family, friends and colleagues. How it works: 1. Select a photo from your camera roll 2. Record ...    1 MB    Views 7322
videos movies audio video photos green editing movie media clips imovie effects adding working screen tutorial add
0    "This app rocks and is worth three times the price." Download Tutor for iMovie for OS X (iMovie Version 10) video tutorial and get the most out of the latest version of iMovie on your Mac This tutorial includes 49 ...    607 MB    Views 4951

Jaunt Chirp

audio camera video experiences shot slate
+21    Jaunt's virtual reality video slate and synchronization tool. The Chirp audio clapboard allows for postproduction syncing of the audio and video streams captured from the camera for each shot. Chirp also displays a visual slate and timer for each take, ...    7 MB    Views 816

Show & Tell

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+2    A unique app to organise your photos, video and audio recordings, hide your not so public records, stitch photo/ video, and transform your records into professional looking designs to show and tell to the world in style. Ideal app for journaling, ...    27 MB    Views 7127
audio photo photos family share enjoy record clip followers
+5    Verbalize is the newest and most exciting social networking app to hit the App Store. Not only can you share your photos with your friends and family, but you can record a short audio clip of approximately five seconds to ...    6 MB    Views 5433
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+25    i Get… Going to Fireworks is an application providing a photo social skill story for individuals that need support in understanding the process of watching fireworks. Twelve icons with real picture images are used to illustrate the sequence of events. ...    27 MB    Views 7983


card text video audio camera iphone personal time cards photo greeting add page front upload
-4    App description Experience the timeless charm of a book styled, greeting card with Cardska™. Download this New style of greeting card now. Cardska will make sure your special moments and celebrations are treasured forever Cardska is the coolest way to transform exceptional MOMENTS ...    55 MB    Views 2874
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+16    VideoCollage is all about how to turn your multiple photos and videos into one single video artwork video collage and video slideshow. Create awesome video collage and video slideshow within just a few seconds with tons of layouts, endless options, ...    38 MB    Views 6884

SAR Reporter

audio video application specific records features agency immediately send
+5    The Suspicious Activity Reporter (SAR) application allows concerned members of the public to submit photo, video, or audio records of purported suspicious activity to relevant local, regional and national clearing houses. The application can be configured with specific email addresses ...    1 MB    Views 4156
video audio photo animation time photos slide shrink animations digital album set
0    Yours beautiful and precious photos, makes a Digital Album You can create a digital album that added fantastic animation using your beautiful and precious photos. It is provided with a total of 9 cool animations. The Exported Video saved to the Camera Roll. Audio ...    3 MB    Views 5090


0    Enhance photos with simple audio commentary. With AudioCam, you have the ability to snap a picture and immediately assign a recorded audio track to it. Keep a memo, or share the results with any of your contacts. Want to commentate a photo ...    280 kb    Views 2788
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