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Paper Artist !

+12    Paper Artist is a very nice application in the App store, you can convert your images into paper art which is just awesome and you can keep your memories alive all the time. You can turn any picture which you think ...    12 MB    Views 5937
+8    Your Apple Watch. Designed by you. Casetify Apple Watch Band app lets you turn your favorite Instagram, Facebook and prints into a custom Apple Watch band—on the go. Loved by The Wallstreet Journal and TIME as “accessories cooler than the Apple ...    41 MB    Views 1607

Street Artist

0    The Street Artist app for iOS lets you use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to superimpose images over the world around you, and snap photos to create street art murals that you can share with friends. Select artwork from ...    7 MB    Views 3702
+1    Watch Stephen tell you why he made the app and show you how it works before you buy, by visiting our site at How does an artist get better at drawing? Very simple, by drawing. That practice,the act of being ...    275 MB    Views 9972

Tape Artist

art artist email facebook creative photo ipad save features gallery lets
+1    The gap between simpledrawing and toocomplex photo enhancing apps has finally bridged Now you can easily create original works of art, or enhance photos, graphics and images and post it to your Facebook wall, Email to friends and more Based on ...    7 MB    Views 6174
+2    On Your Slate looks through the shapeshifting artwork of Gio Black Peter, multidisciplinary New Yorker artist. This transmedia monograph offers an access to :        140 drawings and collages        30 paintings        60 photographs        6 videos        A flyers slide show        4 photoreportages of performances by the artist        254 artworks displayed ...    392 MB    Views 1104

B★nksy Style

art artist works man enjoy anonymous images street
-3    The 21st Century's most iconic Street Art. Satirical. Subversive. All too often... Scrubbed. Now offline in your pocket Banksy's works are icons of the modern age. From the streets of London to the walls of the West Bank. The Kissing Policemen, One Nation ...    5 MB    Views 6222


artists photos time artist artworks unique likes world reach discover
+30    Use KitschArmy get featured on Instagram NOW everything 50%, for a limited time only You don’t take photos, you make them. KitschArmy is the standard for adding unique artwork/sticker to your photos. Our powerful tools, simple design and the quickshare function, will give ...    71 MB    Views 4307

Draw Like An Artist

Related Apps artist draw amazing colors
+12    Draw Like An Artist is the perfect tool to became a great artist. It combines math with a powerful photo editor and sharing capabilities giving you the opportunity to express creating amazing works of art. Here are some of the amazing ...    8 MB    Views 315

Da Vinci Paintings

-6    Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15th April, 1452 and died on 2nd May, 1519. He was an Italian and has often been described as the archetype of the Renaissance Man. He is considered to be one of the greatest ...    3 MB    Views 36

Gallery of Fine Art

Related Apps photo iphone work art artist artwork display galleries save enjoy auto lock
+29    You've seen his work on TV and in magazines now you can own some of his most popular art yourself Enjoy this beautiful photographic artwork on iPhone or iPod Touch, put them on display with your device in it's ...    2 MB    Views 805

Draw Artist

Related Apps drawing artist tools draw artworks image unique
-8    Draw Artist is a unique drawing tool that let you create incredible artworks. You have 6 drawing tools depending on the number of fingers touching the screen. Discover them by yourself. Features: Multitouch drawing tools Great soundtrack Powerful image editor 3 different ...    29 MB    Views 6354

Foto Brush

photo photos facebook iphone artist email design twitter social ipad brush foto friends picture device add export computer
+9    Unleash your inner artist Choose a photo canvas and express your creativity with Foto Brush. Just use your finger to make personal works of art that you can easily share with all of your networking friends or export and view ...    57 MB    Views 6007
video work women artist works store ten exhibition
+27    Explore the breadth of Shirin Neshat’s work through video clips and interactive presentations of selected still images, as well as a video interview with the artist and additional information about her life and inspiration. This app accompanies the exhibition Shirin Neshat, ...    342 MB    Views 6966
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+15    Do you want to make your everyday pictures shine and funny? Sketch Guru has 90+ filters to use, it's the best sketch app ever Try it now Come on and create wonderful paintings Sketch Guru is an easy to use and powerful ...    47 MB    Views 4778


Related Apps painting virtual photo artist choose paintings create color finished resolution
+10    Paintings automatically created from photographs. Match your photo with a virtual artist to create a completely unique painting 1. Take a photo of the subject or choose a photo from your album. 2. Choose a virtual artist and then wait for the painting to be ...    7 MB    Views 3961
artist photo photos editor paintings effects gallery oil create pictures
-4    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS You like art and want to create beautiful paintings but you're not very good at drawing? It's not a problem we've got a solution for you. Artist Photo Editor is a useful app for everyone who ...    19 MB    Views 6895
Related Apps camera artist simulation frame mark viewfinder wide lens format lenses super converter
+2    Artist's Viewfinder assists the filmmaker or still photographer in exploring different places and angles to find the optimal placement for the camera, and to secondguess compositions. By simulating real camera and lens combinations it allows you to visualize what you ...    5 MB    Views 537
+5    Exiƒ Photos is a simple but ELEGANT photo/image metadata editor, viewer, & remover.  View all, edit, or remove photo metadata such as EXIF, TIFF, GPS, and any other available metadata. Photographers no need to buy a GPS Geo Tagger for tagging ...    2 MB    Views 3925
Related Apps artwork art frame camera email family work iphone artist facebook images save featured create add collections
+7    AS FEATURED IN 3 OF THE CIRCLE OF MOM'S TOP 25 TECH BLOGS Featured by The iMums as a "MUST download" Featured in The iPhone Mom's Ten for Tuesday best apps. Featured Best App of The Week by Melissa Northway. Is your little ...    42 MB    Views 7100
Related Apps wallpaper wallpapers ipad artist screen pictures interface images user
+4    Download's extensive collection of original photography and digital artwork for use as iPad Wallpaper. FEATURES: Retina downloads and userinterface graphics for the New iPad (3rd generation) Browse Wallpaper art by Date, Popularity, or Random Text Search by Wallpaper Title, Artist, ...    19 MB    Views 643
drawing camera photo artist grid image draw exact shoot
+16    This is a very vital tool for any artist or anyone who wants to learn how to draw. Proportion is a very difficult skill to master and this app provides an original solution to this problem. By using the app's ...    3 MB    Views 836


art painting artist gallery check online
0    This an App for the Art Gallery Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery It's practically our gallery miniaturized in the palm of your hand. View our online art gallery Shop our local Houston gallery from anywhere Sign up for ...    15 MB    Views 9784


Related Apps photos photo artist pinch view book
+9    "ARTIST PHOTO BOOK" is a photobook application. Functions; View photos Pinch in & pinch out View photos as a slideshow Download new photos New photos are going to be added regularly. Please enjoy beautiful photos.    23 MB    Views 7486
+22    Watch Stephen tell you why he made the app and show you how it works before you buy, by visiting our site at How does an artist get better at drawing? Very simple, by drawing. That practice,the act of being ...    228 MB    Views 3628

UFO Booth

photos artist hollywood facebook ufo props dozens super choose realistic
-1    Make super realistic UFO and UFO abduction pictures instantly with ease in this revolutionary new app Choose from dozens of UFO's and related props in this hilarious new app. Make any picture a UFO abduction classic with the touch of ...    11 MB    Views 3122

Draw Fun

photos artist drawing create preset colors background variety draw add paint
-6    With this app you can be an artist on your iPhone, iTouch, and iPad There are over 100 preset brush colors, and you can create your own color. There are preset background colors to paint on, and you can create your own. There ...    11 MB    Views 2455


+4    SnappyShot The photo editor app that adds lots to your camera shots. Add the fun, add the professional touches, add stickers, cool effects, filters, and more SnappyShot is a fantastically comprehensive photo editor app specifically designed for iPhone and iPad. Now you ...    35 MB    Views 7507

Magic Artist

magic artist surprise stroke
+1    Snap a photo or load any picture from your album... and see it being painted right before your eyes Surprise friends and surprise yourself, and save the resulting images you like best. With Magic Artist, no two results will look ...    2 MB    Views 3965

Artist for iPhone

twitter iphone artist facebook pick create features brush layers edit
-7    Artist for iPhone is the perfect app for artists on the go You can create a piece of art anywhere on your iPhone or iPod touch, the app is easy to use and really effective. How to use our app Pick a ...    15 MB    Views 9042


Related Apps artist information works
+10    Since its opening in 2005, Forma Galleria (Milan) actively promotes international masters of photography as well as emerging talents, throughout a series of exhibitions that show the new work of each artist. Thanks to the high quality and variety of ...    178 MB    Views 5391

Photo Effect Artist

Related Apps photo artist effect button effects share click add album save image
+21    Now its possible to give galaxy effects to your photos Photo Effect Artist will allow you to add ▪ Galaxy effect ▪ Texture Effect Features It contains 120 best and cool Space effects. It will allow you to add 30 different Textures like ...    63 MB    Views 3168

Alexandre Fuchs

artist email social iphone images change share enjoy
+3    Welcome to the Official Photography Portfolio App of photographer ALEXANDRE FUCHS. Here you will find galleries of photographs taken during the career of the Artist. This App is a wonderful companion to APHORISMS book. This App is available for iPod, iPhone and ...    158 MB    Views 1191
artist camera version palette color added view improved palettes button screen
+12    Pictoria Color Palettes Ultimate color palette maker for designer or artist to create amazing color schemes in mobile. You will find visual color wheel and mixing (Itten's or artist's) color wheel. Also it enables you to create schemes based on ...    17 MB    Views 2175
ipad frame artist action editing photo quick storyboards direct desktop mobile add
+7    From the creators of the 1 desktop storyboarding application, PowerProduction Software, comes the mobile app designed to assist filmmakers of every level compose shot ideas – on the go StoryBoard Quick Direct turns your iPad into a mobile previsualization tool ...    7 MB    Views 2138
photo halloween photos artist animation cute animated custom stamps save graphics
+5    Punykura™ Halloween makes your photos come to unlife with spookycute, Halloweenthemed animated graphics. It's like having a haunted Japanese purikura booth in the palm of your hand, ready to create monstrously cute pictures whenever and wherever you want. Snap a photo ...    14 MB    Views 4197


fashion beauty makeup artist singapore industry product makeover
-6    One of the beauty and fashion industry’s brightest stars, Justina brings her passion for beauty, unique eye for fashion and expertise in new product development to Singapore Makeover Industry. One of the beauty and fashion industry’s brightest stars, Justina brings her ...    31 MB    Views 8702
+5    NY Times: "As an unskilled and untalented artist, I was able to achieve the best results from a program called Artist's Touch" Artist's Touch is a powerful naturalmedia paint app with a unique "photopaint" algorithm that allows anyone, regardless of skill, ...    7 MB    Views 2898

Photo Artist

software photo photos artist key beautify simply professional picture
+29    Aren't you satisfied with your photos effect? Do you feel it too troublesome to process photos? And too difficult to learn professional photo processing software? Just come download Photo Artist By this software, you can beautify your photos by simply one ...    5 MB    Views 6598

Photo Discover

Related Apps photos photo flickr facebook artist ipad discover access share themes albums tags
+22    Discover beautiful photos with Photo Discover. Photo Discover will show you the photos associated with the themes via an slideshow made ​​with beautiful transitions. While listening to your favorite songs, enjoy the photos of the artist being played. Use your iPad as an ...    6 MB    Views 5942

Light Box HD

ipad library artist photo artists light box masterpiece tool brush customizable
+5    A light box is, well, a lit box with a translucent lid you can use to backlight art or craft projects. It’s similar to the light doctors hold Xrays up to on TV. Light boxes are a very handy tool ...    24 MB    Views 8282


artist share pictures
-6    picTalents presents the application that allows you to play with the photography of artist MyVisionAury. The pictures of this wonderful portfolio can be zoomed in and out, rotated, moved on the screen, played with. It is possible to review the last picture ...    30 MB    Views 4749


wallpaper artist backdrops images 2009 image application favorite screen
0    "Backdrops" brings the impressive wallpaper collection of to your iPhone or iPod touch. We are humbled to announce that "Backdrops" has been selected by Apple as an iTunes Store STAFF FAVORITE September 22, 2009 Macworld gives "Backdrops" a rating of 4.5 out ...    NAN    Views 2660
Related Apps photos doodle camera photo artist add draw share show captions instagram
-9    We're sick of taking normal photos. We want to add to them. We want to make our loved ones look stupid with a nice hat, moustache, or frilly nightgown. We want to humiliate our cats and pollute the internet with ...    13 MB    Views 1302
Related Apps photo artist effect button effects share click add undo eraser image
+15    Now its possible to give galaxy effects to your photos Photo Effect Artist will allow you to add ▪ Galaxy effect ▪ Texture Effect Features It contains 120 best and cool Space effects. It will allow you to add 30 different Textures like ...    64 MB    Views 1727

Cool Cartoon Pro

Related Apps facebook photo cartoon artist camera instagram sketches effects cartoons
+1    The best Cartoon Camera app that helps you make amazing cartoons and sketches for Instagram Create wonderful cartoons and sketches with your iPhone camera 12 completely different effects: Picasso Be like a great artist Da Vinci What Parachute, helicopter and submarine have in common? Da ...    8 MB    Views 7852


artists iphone search artist phone displayed link portfolios talent
+6    Introducing the Workbook iPhone application for the creative professional. Workbook is putting the best tools and talent at your fingertips. Search for and correspond with photographers, illustrators, letterers, and designers anywhere you go. We know creatives are on the move and Workbook ...    471 kb    Views 4220
text photo artist photos stickers easily picture sticker quickly
+5    Sticker Artist helps you easily and quickly edit your photos by text, stickers and photo stickers. With diversity effects, this app can turn your photos into artistic masterpieces. Features: Add texts, stickers and photo stickers easily and quickly. Move, rotate and modify text ...    43 MB    Views 3618
twitter ipad artist pick create features brush layers www
+19    Artist for iPad LITE is the perfect app for artists on the go You can create a piece of art from anywhere on your iPad, the app is easy to use and really effective. How to use our app 1) Pick a canvas ...    22 MB    Views 7097
art painting artist clock ipad exhibition show japanese traditional slide digital
+6    It's finally made possible to peruse formal Japanese traditional painting art visualized with highly qualified graphics on iPad. This very first time will show a private exhibition of Mitsuru, an artist of Japanese traditional painting art. Slid Show and clock are available ...    7 MB    Views 7787

Photo Artist PRO

photo photos artist creative twitter facebook tons shape awesome perfect instagram
+1    FREE for a very limited time Photo Artist help you create amazing looking ,framed and shaped pics for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Photo Artist is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind and make your photo's simply amazing. Make your photos look great ...    50 MB    Views 5351
Related Apps frame photo design artist photos email facebook flickr camera speech templates instagram tumblr
-4    Frame Artist helps you create amazing photo arts by combining and decorating your photos in a very easy way, and share them via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Tumblr, eMail and Messengers. Since Frame Artist has no limits on layout, ...    58 MB    Views 3357

Viewfinder Cine

camera iphone frame artist film viewfinder wide focal cameras lens lengths
-2    IMPORTANT This is an endoflife product replaced by the Mark II Artist's Viewfinder. New iOS devices introduced since 2014 (such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) are not and will not be supported with this app. The Mark II Artist's ...    3 MB    Views 6413
Related Apps frame photos artist photo beautiful add shape perfect snap select zoom
+2    Want to create beautiful artist works? Then you've found the right app Snap Shape has 60+ layouts to help you create unique and beautiful framed compositions. Select a frame layout, arrange your photos into the frames, pinch to zoom and swipe ...    46 MB    Views 3232
painting artist drawing email chinese work photos ink brush zoom draw size vector
-7    Ink Artist, a vectorbased drawing tool, designed to create beautiful line work and enlarge painting without blurring. Ink Artist that built with the powerful vector drawing engine allows you to experiment with your own brushes with notquitenatural painting. Use a stylus ...    18 MB    Views 9209
Related Apps photos people artist photographers works professional world smart high quality phone famous
+2    P.O.A Compared to the works of amateurs with a lot of blurred or lacking topics, the works of a professional photographer have clear theme, deeper knowledge and creativity. Through partnerships with worldwide professional photographers, P.O.A offers various works on the subject of the famous ...    13 MB    Views 6756
art artist photos places find del photographer
-9    Paolo Del Rocino is a professional Italian Photographer living in Rome. Was involved in the art of photography over ten years ago, when he used for the first time a reflex camera. He was immediately fascinated for the abandon and decay ...    7 MB    Views 8258

Artist's Sketch

sketch photo video artist apps camera create sketches type countries top
+8    Top 1 Photo/Video Apps in 8 Countries Top 5 Photo/Video Apps in 32 Countries Top 10 Photo/Video Apps in 42 Countries Artist's Sketch will help you to create more than 17550 realistic sketch effects. 
Key Features: All of Sketch Template are created by famous ...    30 MB    Views 6260
photos photo artist add mirror reflection patterns choose effects
-9    Add reflection on your photo to make it UNIQUE Photo Mirror Effects enables you to quickly and easily add customizable reflections on your photos. There're many mirror patterns to choose. You can also add artist texts on your photos to record ...    41 MB    Views 8266

Photo Artist Free

Related Apps software photo photos artist key simply professional picture beautify
-5    Aren't you satisfied with your photos effect? Do you feel it too troublesome to process photos? And too difficult to learn professional photo processing software? Just come download Photo Artist By this software, you can beautify your photos by simply one ...    7 MB    Views 7595
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