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+7    Features Fast shutter speed Photo Edit (filter &sticker) Selfcamera placed directly by reversing the left and right Flash Support Features Manual focus function Continuous shooting If you take a photo pose autofocus After shuttering Auto Save in cameraroll immediately Timer camera ...    22 MB    Views 183
+4    Top Mag 5 Star by MongrelM UK Version 3.0.2 Mar 29, 2013 I'm an amateur photographer with an eye on becoming a professional. Every issue has been helpful and inspiring. Recommended. Download ISSUE 01 For Free Bokeh ...    24 MB    Views 7023
Related Apps photography magazine subscription issues canada outdoor current automatically account period
+26    An app for Photographers of every level to enjoy the Landscapes, Wildlife, and Nature that Canada and its wilderness has to offer. Outdoor Photography Canada magazine’s aim is to instruct the mobile reader through entertaining, interesting and informative articles and ...    2 MB    Views 186

EOS magazine

Related Apps magazine camera photography eos subscription subscriptions auto months settings current
+1    The quarterly photography magazine for Canon SLR camera owners. EOS magazine focuses exclusively on the EOS system, from the cameras and lenses through to the flash and remote accessories. You will find information and advice in EOS magazine not available in ...    11 MB    Views 8050
photography magazine wildlife subscription account photographic automatically period months current
+5    1 Month Free Trial Your bimonthly magazine dedicated to wildlife photography. Providing tips, tricks and inspiration to photographers, while enjoying the amazing beauty of wildlife across the globe. Thanks to Apple's amazing newsstand platform, we can feature not only great articles, but ...    28 MB    Views 9090
+7    Earn cash for doing what you love: taking pictures Sell your photos on Dreamstime – the leading stock photography community. • Make money from your photography • Reach millions of potential customers • Real time sales notifications • Quick account set up & sign ...    10 MB    Views 5247
magazine photography iphone photographers photo subscription great automatically mobile account issue period
-2    Mobiography Magazine is a digital only magazine focussing in on the subject of smartphone photography. Mobiography Magazine is bimonthly and showcases the work of talented iphoneographers as well as featuring interviews with iPhone photographers how to guides and tutorials reviews ...    30 MB    Views 296

Laboile Magazine

Related Apps photography family magazine french subscription monthly purchase current renewal period account renew
+9    Alain Laboile is a master French photographer. Spending his time with family in the French countryside, Laboile has developed a black and white photography technique that is artful, breathtaking and gorgeous. Discovered by legendary photography Jock Sturges, Laboile now brings ...    14 MB    Views 4801

Auto Racing!

0    The appplication lets sports car and heavy bike lovers enter in their world of auto racing dreamland and imagination. A vast and special collection of pictures of racing sports cars and heavy bike, welcome you and give you a tour ...    14 MB    Views 4954

Eye Color Replace

+5    Change your eyes look very pretty and charming with this makeover app. 12 beautiful pupil eye ball templates. it's really fun and easy to use. Auto Eyeball Detection for every photos to help you set eye position easy. You may ...    5 MB    Views 2188

Smart Photography

Related Apps photography magazine subscription automatically renewed account current period purchase world
+3    Unlike other photography magazines, Smart Photography has to its credit names that have been synonymous with defining and recognizing benchmarks in the industry. Not only do we understand the importance of this wonderful art form, we have also been instrumental ...    12 MB    Views 478

City Local Life

auto type year subscription cities friends renewal account city
+2    Real time photos and videos that help you see what going on in cities around the world. Stay connected with friends and family no matter how close or far they may be. City Local Life is a great new way ...    15 MB    Views 4674
safe company insurance users express inspection auto
+17    The Safe Auto Express Inspection App allows users to submit vehicle photos and video to their insurance company. Users of the app must have a valid claim number from a participating insurance company to use the app.    81 MB    Views 7280

SpeedPhoto+ Lite

photos camera manual features select auto vga
-2    Take many photos per second and choose your best look As good as it sounds, this app will take many photos so that you can select the ones that are best Many interesting customizable features such as: Shooting mode: Continuous, Brust, Manual ...    6 MB    Views 7078
Related Apps photography magazine subscription account backdrops automatically subscribers period current purchase
+14    Photography Backdrops Magazine Subcribe for Free and get Instant Access to Subscription Only Issues with Top Photographers Tuition Photography Backdrops Magazine is brought to you by Chepe Enterprises and focused towards the Photography scene. You will find high definition video lessons, interviews, gear ...    43 MB    Views 3326


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-8    50% DISCOUNT LIMITED OFFER rainbowCam is a camera app that lets you quickly and easily apply your own awesome filters. Just choose your favorite color to take amazing photo and record unique videos. rainbowCam is completely new experience in your hand rainbowCam ...    3 MB    Views 1507

Northwest Scenery

subscription free content issues sign policy renew auto account
+30    See the beautiful Northwest through the photographic lens of Minette Layne. From panoramic sunset vistas to tiny nudibranchs, you're sure to enjoys the slideshows. This app contains almost as much free content as retail content. You can download free issues, purchase ...    12 MB    Views 3903
Related Apps magazine photo time subscription professional current issues purchase period account auto
-5    SAVE OVER 20% WITH AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. INCLUDES 13 ISSUES AND QUARTERLY HDSLR MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE Professional Photo magazine targets the whole territory of professional photography and has a particularly strong affinity with those working in the wedding, portrait and event markets. With ...    12 MB    Views 9558

Effect Camera +

0    ================================ Half Price Launch Sale 50% OFF ================================ ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ ✓ TOP LIVE CAMERA APP ✓ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ The most impressive camera effect app on the app store Do you like the different camera effects of the Photo Booth app on ...    852 kb    Views 4319

Watermarks Magazine

Related Apps photography subscription price issues current purchase account renewal period watermarks
+5    My photography explores emotion and spirituality based in reality. I make photographs that express a devotion to family, explore the struggle between vulnerability and capability and illustrate high regard for the natural world. I am an environmentalist, a romanticist and ...    15 MB    Views 3635
Related Apps iphone drawing painting paint effect auto
-1    Give a unique look to your photos. Turn them into drawing, painting, chalk, pastels or charcoal. The conversion is fully automatic Select the effect, that's all. Numerous options are available. You can choose an image from your photo album, or take it with ...    5 MB    Views 7899


Related Apps time photo auto manual mode lapse amazing
+3    AmazeLapse creates amazing time lapse. With to available mode Manual and Auto you can use in any place and any time you want. Features: Takes time lapse photos creating amazing movies. Switch camera, Flash, Dimming Adjust photo mode to manual or ...    7 MB    Views 1901

XLCamera® HD

photos video camera exposure auto tap point lock stop
+9    Stop worry that your iPad2 don't have flash. Now you can take picture in a dark. Even yourself with FrontFace camera. More than 800000 Downloads 3500000 Photos It's what previous generation of XLCamera (former NightCam+) did in last 6 months ...    2 MB    Views 8139
photos photo account backup subscription choose http purchase auto
+8    Backup My Photos Easy way to back up your photos on your Device. Easy Back Up 1. Create a Free Whootin Account 2. Choose the Album you want to back up. 3. Select the Images you want to back up Grey Check Boxes: Photo(s) are ...    713 kb    Views 2696


-4    Working photographers can't afford to be without ProPhoto magazine Australia's only tabloid exclusively dedicated to professional photography and digital imaging technologies. ProPhoto is committed to providing readers with the latest developments in imaging technologies, and plays an important role ...    13 MB    Views 4191


photo photography magazine subscription auto automatically account renewed current itunes turn
-6    PHOTO+, a monthly magazine, specialized in photography, dealing with cultural and technological features. We introduce current photography art to our readers from home and abroad. Also, our magazine delivers different types of brandnew equipment for photographs. Subscribe to PHOTO+. We will not ...    8 MB    Views 5586

Cropulator for iPad

Related Apps image rotate crop cropping automatically aspect rotation mode images auto
+30    A little nip here, a little tuck there. Cropulator allows for quick cropping and rotating of images using simple, but elegant tools. Get rid of unwanted image areas by tapping and dragging while either maintaining the aspect ratio or not. ...    782 kb    Views 5413


+4    Capture is Australia's top selling professional photography magazine. The bimonthly publication covers all facets of the professional photography industry, in particular equipment, marketing, training, pricing, finance and rights management. Capture's mission is to help professional photographers stay informed and uptodate, to help ...    7 MB    Views 337

Camera Magazine

Related Apps film magazine camera subscription issues current auto period purchase account future digital
+5    Digital or film? Digital AND film? CAMERA magazine's focus is to assist readers to choose and use the tools they need to create memorable images, and to enhance the skills that will make them better photographers. No matter what medium, ...    13 MB    Views 794

Pic and Click

Related Apps camera photography pic click settings auto photographs improve start stop
-5    Pic and Click will stop you always using your digital camera on 'Auto' and start improving your photography Are you new to photography? Or did you just upgrade to a camera with manual setting and now you're not sure where to ...    20 MB    Views 3347


photography art printing magazine subscription account purchase price year current issues
-5    Platinum printing is almost as old as photography itself. Invented in 1832 by Englishmen Sir John Herschel and Robert Hunt, the platinum printing photography process has made a recent comeback in the past few decades. Stephanie Hogen, whose fine art ...    9 MB    Views 7171

Super Effect Camera

Related Apps camera photo auto white control effects shutter shot effect
-8    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING 50% OFF The most impressive and realistic camera application on the market. Check out the screen shots and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed Do you like the different camera effects of the Photo Booth app on the ...    514 kb    Views 9999

Auto Paint For iPad

Related Apps ipad drawing painting paint auto effect
-5    Give a unique look to your photos. Turn them into drawing, painting, chalk, pastels or charcoal. The conversion is fully automatic Select the effect, that's all. Numerous options are available. You can choose an image from your photo album, or take it with ...    21 MB    Views 2226

ME-MO Magazine

magazine memo photography media issues subscriptions subscription policy auto year price
+11    MEMO is a unique digital and independent platform created by a group of documentary photographers laureated with the most prestigious awards in photojournalism such as The Robert Capa Gold Medal, The Pulitzer Prize, Word Press Photo, BayeuxCalvados Award of war ...    6 MB    Views 5707
artistic photography body magazine creative beauty art word subscription price current account purchase form period
+29    When Kenneth Clark published 'The Nude: A Study in ideal Form,” he could make a clear distinction: "To be naked is to be deprived of our clothes, and the word implies some of the embarrassment most of us feel in ...    15 MB    Views 7450

3D Photo Era

Related Apps magazine photography art photo subscription itunes account period purchase automatically renewal
+5    Photography magazine that promotes 3D Photography and other fusions. Now readers can watch 3D art, occasionally videos, galleries, interviews and other 3D visual art in one single place. Regular Red/Cyan 3D glasses are required to enjoy our magazine. Subscriptions Available for ...    13 MB    Views 4678


photo iphone work auto
+26    Set the timer in the app to continuously snap photographs every 5 to 60 seconds. The photos are deposited into your photo stream until the app is turned off. The Chatt AutoPhoto app was developed to work with Chatt Heart wireless cases. ...    3 MB    Views 75
-8    Outdoor Photographer is written by the world's leading landscape, wildlife, sports and travel photographers. Every issue features advice on improving your photography, evaluations of the latest equipment and portfolios of stunning photography. Pricing for subscriptions available: Single issue/1 month = (4.99), ...    21 MB    Views 7710
Related Apps photography magazine subscription period renewal account current australian charged digital
-8    Australian Photography + digital is Australia’s topselling photography publication. Named Niche Magazine of the Year in the 2013 Australian Magazine Awards, AP has one simple goal – to help you become a better photographer. Each month the magazine profiles leading ...    5 MB    Views 4233


magazine subscription period current renewal account subscriptions auto purchase
+3    Welcome to SUPERMODEL, a magazine featuring uniique images of the world's most beautiful models as shot by the most gifted photographers. SUPERMODEL MAGAZINE Pricing: Single Issue Price USD 2.99 Subscription 1 month USD .99 For nonUS app stores, the equivalent currency ...    29 MB    Views 9160
magazine photography video photo photos subscription stars articles account masterclass month price period
-2    5 Stars "Should be magazine of the year This magazine made it possible for me to learn how to capture all the photos I have dreamed of but was never able to capture." 5 Stars "This is what an emagazine should ...    28 MB    Views 8807

Color Camera

Related Apps camera photo color auto effect control shot shutter
+23    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING 50% OFF ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ ✓ TOP LIVE CAMERA PHOTOGRAPHY APP ✓ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ The most impressive Color camera app on the app store Do you like the Color effect from the Photo Booth app on the ...    1 MB    Views 8267
auto state claim inspection express users
0    The State Auto Express Inspection App allows users to submit photos and video of their auto claim to State Auto Insurance Company. Users of the app must have a valid claim number to use the app.    43 MB    Views 3663

Pixter for iOS

Related Apps photos photo people subscription free service account period user auto
+20    WHAT IS PIXTER? An app which respects your privacy and content ownership, we will not sell (sublicense) your data An Adfree photo sharing social network, our loyalty lies with our users, not advertisers It gives you freedom from ads and ...    17 MB    Views 297
Related Apps photography issues subscription auto current future renew account purchase digital
+30    Digital SLR Photography addresses the needs of today's photographer in a lively, informative and stylish format. Written for photographers of all abilities, from beginner through enthusiast to professional, it informs and entertains through a blend of technique articles, inspirational images and ...    13 MB    Views 3334
photography magazine australia photographers subscription digital automatically period issue account
+4    NEW ISSUE: Issue 44 of Digital Photography is out now DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY MAG: Australia’s best specialist photography magazine, Digital Photography Magazine Australia is written by photographers, for photographers. With an editorial team comprised of shooters of all abilities, it's aimed at improving your ...    7 MB    Views 1031
Related Apps magazine photography art subscription issues current focus period issue account auto
-4    Focus Magazine is the world's premier magazine for collecting fine art photography. No other magazine offers more content, more interviews, more indepth information and more galleries announcing their latest exhibitions. Subscribe to Focus, 6 issues per year. No other publication ...    38 MB    Views 1915
Related Apps magazine photography auto subscription purchase turned user account find
0    Find all the photography tips you need to improve your photography skills. ================================== The magazine offers a yearly (3.59€/3.99) autorenewable subscription Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase Subscription automatically renews unless autorenew is turned off at least ...    7 MB    Views 4984
Related Apps photography photographers sports 2012 news year chicago account issue auto turned resolution
-2    "Introducing the new Chicago Tribune Photography app. Inside each edition you’ll find the most compelling news, sports, features, portrait and pictorial photography from the Chicago Tribune's staff photographers, available now for the first time in full iPad Retinaready resolution. We're launching ...    14 MB    Views 9851
Related Apps shooting camera black screen burst manual auto touch
+6    You can take a picture in black screen. very simple and easy... just touch and Finger Drawing tap icon, start burst shooting in black screen. stop by pressing home button photo will be automatically saved to the camera roll. 【Functions】 Normal camera ...    4 MB    Views 644
express company insurance users auto
-2    The Express Auto Inspection App allows users to submit photos property to their insurance company for underwriting purposes. Users of the app must have a valid claim number from a participating insurance company to use the app.    34 MB    Views 5602
Related Apps photos photo backup private auto sharing
+7    LongCube : Autobackup of private photos Super cool backup experience, brand new smooth operation, extremely novel user interactions, LongCube opens the door to a new world of photo backup and sharing Autobackup, delete the photos in your mobile to clear ...    24 MB    Views 339


videos photos free storage period subscription unlimited account auto
+5    View Your Photos & Videos On Any Device Unlimited Free Storage Automatically import all your photos & videos from your phone, tablet, computer and keep them all safely stored in one place, for free. • View, edit and share up to ...    12 MB    Views 1257

HD Video for iPad

Related Apps video photo ipad auto 1080p output
-2    This application is 720p video recorder in iPad2. and 1080p in new iPad. record 720p video. ※ output to photo library. ・Flash : on / off / Auto ・Focus, AWB, AExp,: on / off / Auto ・Quality : Low / Mid / High / 480p / ...    2 MB    Views 8049

1 Cloud 2

Related Apps photos subscription storage order cloud months auto period current account
+28    1 Cloud 2 is a free cloud storage and file sharing provider which gives you possibility to store, share and access your most important documents & photos anywhere in the world. Our services include topnotch security and the newest technology ...    6 MB    Views 7400
Related Apps magazine photography art subscription account itunes period purchase renewal automatically current
-3    Photography magazine that promotes unconventional, surrealistic and inspiring fine art photography that creates fusions with literature, philosophy and other interpretations. It reveals interviews, occasionally artistic videos, analysis and fictional characters. Subscriptions Available for Poetic Photography Magazine: 24.99 for a 1year subscription, ...    17 MB    Views 5294

The.Ma Photography

facebook photography ihr dem account und
+5    Dies ist die offizielle App zu meiner Facebook Fotoseite "The.Ma Photography" Hier könnt ihr immer auf dem Laufenden bleiben und seht immer wenn ich ein neues Bild hochlade oder Modells suche ;) Wenn ihr euch mit dem Facebook Account anmeldet, ...    NAN    Views 4677
subscription issues current auto period purchase future account forum
-3    Established in 1977, Photographer’s Forum magazine is an awardwinning quarterly publication dedicated to quality reproduction of photography in the United States and Canada. Each issue strives to facilitate communication and publication experience among emerging professionals. Back issues and future issues are ...    17 MB    Views 7828
Related Apps magazine photography photo good subscription account subscribers automatically current period light
-1    FREE SAMPLE ISSUE DOWNLOAD "So good it’s not to be missed This mag is just how I like my's full of good stuff, shortened to just what you require yet does not miss a damn thing" review ...    19 MB    Views 54
Related Apps photos photography upload store account collection online prints
+30    The Keeble and Shuchat Photography app lets you easily upload photos and order prints from our site. Pick up prints from our Palo Alto, CA store in as little as one hour • Create a new, free account or log ...    10 MB    Views 2679
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